PP: What is the story of creation and application

In the wake of the growing interest in small arms more and more people are beginning to delve into the intricacies and differences between its different types and designs.And now, for the description of automatic weapons is no longer enough simply "to call" of his automaton.In this article, we will focus on this form of automatic weapons like submachine gun (PP).What is the PCB, what is the history of creation and the world of these weapons?These are the questions we will try to brief, but, if possible, available to respond.

Description PP

What submachine gun ?This automatic weapon used for firing pistol cartridge.Low power of the cartridge allows you to compact and light weapons, while maintaining a great firepower at short distances.A small effective range pistol cartridge causes and scope of the PP.This infighting: in the trenches, buildings, field fortifications.Here, along with a high density of fire, manifested both positive quality PP: his bullets (having weak energy) did not ricochet of

f walls and arrows.Thus, the firing room, the shooter does not risks to get back his own shot.

history of creation and application of PP

What is the PP, now you know.How effective machine-gun fire?Mankind learned about it during the First World War.The military once had a desire to obtain weapons with the capabilities of the machine gun, but not so heavy and overall, so they could use a single fighter.And such weapons have been created, but the time of submission of the range Firefight (distance rifle fire) did not allow the first sample submachine gun Villar-Perosa M1915 (Italy) and Bergmann-Schmeisser MP.18 (Germany) gain recognition.

Until the beginning of World War II, the army did not recognize the merits of PP.When the tank wedges learned easily rip any defense, and fire contact distance reduced to two hundred meters, the submachine gun became the weapon of the mass army.Smetana's firepower, ease of manufacturing and low cost, simplicity of handling such samples made legendary submachine guns as PCA, PPP, MP, Thompson and STEN.With the emergence and spread of intermediate cartridge PP gave up their place in the military assault rifles (automatic).

Modern submachine guns

leaving the linear part of the armies of the world, the PP continues to serve in the police and various Special Forces.There its quality is still in demand, as is often better to use more powerful machines.In addition, the use of PP in the construction of modern materials and technology has significantly increased the combat capabilities of these weapons.So, fix the seemingly "generic" lack of PP - the inability to penetrate light protection (body armor or vehicle body).

new cartridges, such as the use of domestic pistoletpulemet PP2000 easily penetrate 8mm steel plate at a distance of ten meters or more.This bullet (as befits the pool PP) and ricochets do not have enough stopping power.The use of plastics has allowed the order to improve the weight and size characteristics of modern PP and make them insensitive to corrosion.There are even rework machines under the pistol cartridge, for example, PP1901 "Vityaz".In general, this kind of automatic weapon firmly established niche in the modern world fighter against crime and terrorism.Wherever and whoever used everywhere PP demonstrates that such a high mobility and overwhelming firepower.