You urgently need a elliptical trainer!

elliptical trainer is a rather unusual unit that successfully combines the functions of the treadmill and stepper.In addition to the integrated action of the respiratory system and heart, this type of simulator has a strengthening effect on the muscles, ligaments and joints of humans.

Dimensions and demand

For almost 10 years, elliptical trainer, the benefits of which have been repeatedly proven, it remains effective device.So if a few years ago it was bulky, not always easy to operate the simulator, it is now more compact, so are in great demand.

favorite women

now rarely a gym-hall can not do without such equipment.It is not necessary to be surprised, because it is elliptical trainer many choose to implement effective cardio.In addition, the simulator very fond of women, since when doing it strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and legs, reduced to a minimum load on the ankle, and to strengthen the upper body, namely the pectoral muscles, shoulders and arms.

long training

first recommended to engage on such a machine for about 20 minutes a day.Over time, the duration of employment, bring up to 1 hour.But if the mood and strength, activity duration of 1.5 hours will not hurt anything.It is noteworthy that during school hours, you can burn about 300 calories, but everything will depend on your physical condition and the intensity of the workout.

you need oxygen!

During training, be sure to open a window (even in winter), so that the body is saturated with oxygen.It should be noted that the fungal microflora, which is often accompanied by various forms of depression, candidiasis of genitals, irritable bowel syndrome and goiter does not like oxygen.

"Treat" gut

discomfort in the intestines and stomach noticeably weakened already, even during workouts.Approximately 2-3 days markedly weaker bloating, constipation and diarrhea.The energy previously spent on maintaining the body spasms biliary tract and intestine, will now be spent on physical activity.Regular and intensive training contribute to the normalization of intestinal motility, regulation of its work.

We protect the knees and ankle!

What do we get by using the elliptical trainer, reviews of which only please?Compared with other exercise equipment that provide aerobic exercise, the device aggressively acts on the knee and ankle joints.After all, with the elliptical motion is always half-bent legs, causing the joints is minimum load.

Advantages of the simulator at home

For employment can purchase a subscription to a fitness center.If you space allows the apartment, you can buy it home.You do not have to adjust to the schedule of classes at the fitness club - you can choose the optimal duration and training.


big plus of this simulator - reverse function, as in the reverse direction a person is able to develop the muscles that would not be used when engaging in other cardio.


Before class you need to warm up, which you need to configure the built in elliptical exerciser computer easy loading.Pursuing such a way in a short time you warm up your muscles and will be able to prepare them for future loads.After warm-up, gradually increase the intensity of exercise.

after school

important to remember that at the moment of maximum load it is not necessary to stop training, thinking that is enough for today.It is recommended to gradually reduce the intensity of movement, and then get off the treadmill.