What will help to choose the right size bike?

One of the most pleasant ways to relax and often ways to maintain themselves in adequate physical shape is cycling.And yet, without taking into account some important factors that can either not get any pleasure from cycling, or even cause some harm to their health.One such indicator is the size of the bike.What he will be picked up more accurately, the better each time will get behind the wheel.

Dimensions matter

For most uninitiated in these matters people bikes are divided into several types: small, more for adults.Of course, not everything is so simple.The size of the bike to be driven primarily by its type.Which species it belongs?Does this all-terrain bike, hybrid or mauntbayk, ie a bicycle adapted to drive through the mountains and the road?Each of these can be represented by a model number, which are present differ from each other in size bicycles.A number of dimensions including racing models, and all can be more than ten.Why do all these nuances are so important?How closely will find the

dimensions of the bike, so less will be the owner of his problems with the spine, knees and neck muscles.Even if the daily distance will be about 30 km, discomfort when driving a vehicle not for growth will be very noticeable.

correct Rostovka

Those who seriously and treated with respect to their two-wheeled transport, usually carefully monitor his condition, they may even decide to purchase a special case for a bicycle, a variety of additional details that distinguish it from all others.And yet, in the first place should be given to Rostovka.This is often referred to as the size of the bicycle frame.More precisely, the seat height is meant here the axis of the outgoing vertically downwards towards the pedals.Regarding its dimensions and size of the bicycle frame.Human growth should match the height defined by the design.Standing straight and at the same time keeping the bike between the legs, it is necessary to determine the approximate distance between the groin and upper part of the frame.It should be at least 7-10 cm. This is necessary given that sometimes it is necessary to jump sharply from the saddle.Also, the size of the bike should be correlated with the physique of the owner.Fat people more suitable model Rostovka smaller, as in this case, how much easier it will be to climb and climb down from it.By contrast, this option takes the hassle and high lean people.They fit the bike with normal or high Rostovka.With regard to the length of the frame, her choice will depend on how often and for a long time supposed to ride a bike.For small sightseeing is best to choose a model with short design, for example, Citybikes, which provides almost vertical landing.For those who regularly travel long distances or plan to go cycling, you need a bike with a long frame, which allows driving to carry the load on the spine.It does not get tired fast hands and, therefore, no longer want a long and often ride on your favorite bike.In any case themselves feeling after the first visit may prompt whether to continue the search, or the correct model is found.