Knife "SMERSH": the experience of using

Knife theme is quite popular recently.Manufacturers seeking to meet the demands of an ever-growing army of fans knives, literally flooded the market with all sorts of his samples.At the same time domestic blades are often less popular than the foreign brands.However, the focus of this article is not to compare different brands, but only to present the impression is that the knife "SMERSH-3" of JSC "Melita-K."I think this article will be useful to fans of knives.


Options knife readily available, and describe them in detail not see the point, I can only say that its dimensions differ from those stated by the manufacturer.The blade is shaped and covered puukko matte coating.Garda is missing.On Ricas blades are made by notches that prevent finger slip on it.The handle is made of thermoplastic elastomer: the touch - thick rubber.

Experience of

Knife "SMERSH" has been used by me personally as a marching (tourism).At the same time I want to note that I do not go to the mountain once a

year during the holidays.I live in the Carpathian region, and for me hiking in the mountains - is like a visit to the gym: at least three or four days per month, regardless of the season.Therefore, knife was used quite often.First impressions knife leaves positive.Firstly, thanks to a fine leather sheath with perfect tourist Velcro knife easily and securely attached to a belt or gear and just as easily and quickly be removed.In the mountains, this convenience is very useful, because of the constant changes in the weather often change clothes (literally on the fly), and any other knife would have been under a jacket, which is not always convenient.A knife "SMERSH" can be easily without unbuttoning the belt, remove and fix elsewhere.Second, no less pleasant impression leaves the handle.Do not slip in wet or sweaty hand, it is perfect, even if gloves are worn.In the cold does not lose plasticity and do not freeze.But its main purpose (as a universal tool) does not justify the knife.Too thick butt (about 6 mm) makes it difficult to manipulate during household works.They do not cut yourself thin bacon, and potatoes can only be planed.The contents of cans open with it, partially turns to mush.And the steel blade myagkovata for this.Any careless blow to the stone, for example, during nastrugivaniya chips campfire and Kazakhstan immediately wring.Of course, this blade is not designed to cut nails, but still would like to have greater hardness.However, it is quite easy to tochitsya.And last, but certainly not least - the price.For a knife to be grind after each tin, 80-100 US dollars - obviously a lot.


Knife "SMERSH" can not be recommended as a tourist, as opposed to what is written on the label.The same «Finn Wolf» by Cold Steel, though not as external effects and has beautiful scabbard, but cheaper, lighter, much more convenient in everyday life, and it does not need constant sharpening."SMERSH" - a beautiful knife with a strong combat functionality.Hold it in your hand, you feel downright ability to break anything.Moreover, the absence of guard (which has, for example, a knife "SMERSH5") does not interfere because of the very successful hilt.For example, a 450-sheet book blade pierces through that knife Cold Steel - an impossible task.A generally interesting "toy".