Features in hockey equipment.

Every player who goes on the ice, has a certain outfit.In it, except the putter, includes protective ammunition, special uniforms and skates.Clothing hockey consists of breeches, pants and sweaters, of course, a helmet.To identify the players during the match on the uniform displays its number and last name.However, apart from this, many fans are beginning to notice the symbol on the identification of some of the participants and asked himself the question about what is the letter A on a hockey uniform.With all these nuances can be found in the course of this text.

Rules IIHF

International Ice Hockey Federation has identified a list of necessary parameters and conditions to be met by the appearance of any professional hockey player:

• Digital numbering ranges from 1 to 99. This limitation was made in connection with the popularity ofthe individual values ​​of unusual players.
• If the form is slightly different opponents, after treatment the referee team-owner of the ice arena need to change it

to the alternative.This eliminates confusion during commit violations or points score.
• Faces rooms, names and symbols the players must be carried out in accordance with the color contrast (for visual observations of the data easier to read).

Primacy team

In addition, some observant fans may be interested in the question of what it means to the letter A on a hockey uniform.In accordance with international rules on the ice rink command displays the captain, who is on his clothes letter "K" or "C".However, apart from him, the rink can be up to two of his assistants.Their identifies the letter A on a hockey uniform.In the case according to the rules or technical reasons, the captain is absent, his place is taken by one of the alternative assistants.


requirements color contrast and uniformity of the uniform of hockey players of one team apply their helmets.Exceptions are allowed only in the form of a block.He can wear a protective helmet that is different from the rest of the field players accessories.Unfortunately, the goalkeeper in the Continental Hockey League is forbidden to be captain or assistant, but the NHL is considered the norm.Indeed, in this case it is convenient to build a line of defense at the appropriate playing style.

I believe that the issue of fans: "What does the letter A on a hockey uniform?" - Can be considered closed.However, this game carries a lot more interesting nuances.They are caused by differences in the rules of the League of historical features.