Hockey player Alexander Frolov.

Many people in this world love the sport and root for their beloved players.Some people like football, others prefer basketball, it does not matter, but when all the fans get together and "keep the cams" for the home team - this is breathtaking.A few years ago, ice hockey is the most popular sport, but today the interest in it has decreased slightly, but the real fans are not yet extinct.One of the outstanding Russian forwards Alexander Frolov is.

young Russian hockey

Alexander Frolov was born June 19, 1982 in Moscow (USSR).Today it is Russia and is considered the champion of the country since 2005. As a child, Sasha was a very capable boy, but so restless, like many a young age.All the teachers spoke about the future of sport as a legend of the responsive, hard-working and talented man.

from an early age, Alexander Frolov loved sports, and it is not surprising that he entered the School of the Moscow "Spartak".During his lifetime he was often overcome obstacles, but it was worth it, because soon

the guy was a master of sports, which boasts all of his family and friends.Home

great sports

rapid career Alexander Frolov began in 2000.The new century has brought many pleasant future star and magic.That year, the famous American club "Los Angeles Kings" chose hockey, Frolov was drafted under the twenty numbers.

hockey player Alexander Frolov was in the club "Lokomotiv-2", which is the third force in Russia.He belonged to the city of Yaroslavl.A little later, Sasha decided to remain in the country for two more seasons, and will hold a series of games.He was a left winger, which is so appreciated that he offered to sign a contract with the Moscow club of Major League called "Wings of the Soviets."It is believed that due to the huge contribution of the whole team Frolov took place in Super League (RSL).

dramatic career of the Russian hockey

In 2002, Alexander Frolov signed another contract, but the importance it has exceeded the previous one.This was the agreement made with the club "Los Angeles Kings" for three years.Of course, Alexander agreed and was overjoyed.Some thought that he thus betrayed his team and goes to where they pay more.It was completely wrong!Frolov sought to develop as a hockey player, and foreign clubs gave him great prospects.That is why the choice was made in that hour as it was proposed.

his first NHL goal for the team, "the New York Rangers' Frolov scored 25 October 2002.It was decisive that brought victory to all the participants.After graduating from the first season, Alexander summed up remained fully satisfied.As a result, during the entire period he earned 31 points, of which scored fourteen goals and made seventeen assists.

Later, Alexander Frolov has played 77 games and scored 48 points.Results of matches delighted not only hockey, but his coaches, team.Alexander became friends with his friends and did not want to leave a foreign club.Nonetheless, the thirst to return home and to show the best results won.Having played last season for the "New York Rangers" in 2003/2004., Frolov returned to the Russian Super League.


Immediately after the plane landed Frolov went to his native Russian club.Coaches gladly met their best player, and defined it in CSKA Moscow.But by the end of the season, Alexander joined the club "Dynamo".It was in his composition, he became the champion of Russia in 2005.Frolov immensely grateful to the team and the fate of such a chance and did not regret that signed a contract with a foreign club and was such an important experience.

Life world

course, after 2005 Frolova life has changed dramatically.First, all sides showered multimillion-dollar contracts, and secondly, every second person in the street began to recognize him with admiration and thanks for the victory.Hockey player Alexander Frolov became famous.

Wasting no time, the athlete has signed a contract for five years with the club, "the Los Angeles Kings."For the work done Frolov offered 14.5 million dollars.In the first season, Alexander scored his first hat-trick in the NHL.It was a memorable match against "Columbus."Members of the club "Kings," in which he played hockey, a defeated opponent with a score of 8: 2.A little later, Alexander Frolov was invited to the Winter Olympics in 2006.There he was to play for the national team that hockey did.

Injury athlete

No sport can boast that it is impossible to get hurt.Whatever people involved - I am to some degree of risk to his health.At the Winter Olympics in 2006 Frolov was injured shoulder, after which a long time recovering, and missed a few matches.However, a month later, he went to the ice until the end of the season laid out in full force.As a result, ice hockey Frolov played 69 matches in which scored 54 points.Years passed, and hockey is not only slow down the pace, but on the contrary, surpassed all expectations.In 2007, Frolov recognized second bomber command.He is second only to Michael Kammalleri.A year later, the superstar ice again injured his groin.He missed 11 games, but cured, made up for lost time, gaining 67 points from 71 matches.

Further career Frolova

In 2010 Frolov signed a new contract for one year in the amount of three million dollars with the club, "the New York Rangers."Exactly twelve months hockey player suffered a serious injury, which required surgery, and deprived him of the opportunity to play the rest of the season.In 2011, Alexander left the NHL and signed a contract with the "vanguard", which after a while became the best bomber command.Since then, in many magazines, on posters and in general throughout the city can be seen photos of Alexander Frolov - the best hockey players of Russia.And what can be said about his personal life?

Life Frolova

quite natural that for many women the standard of beauty, courage and strength was Alexander Frolov (ice hockey).Life Athlete especially strongly excites fine half the population.Also, girls and boys are interested in the general parameters of an athlete.Height hockey player is 188 cm, weight - 93 kg.

has long been known that the beloved athlete - Yuliya Nachalova amazing.Popular singer once said in an interview that really wants to have children by Frolov and, of course, to be his lawful wife.Recently, reporters learned that the singer completes repairs in their apartment together, which suggests to some thoughts.The very same hockey player is now more tuned for a career than a family, but also to think about marrying sweetheart.

Rumor has it that Julia and Alexander Frolov Nachalova already engaged, but at the last minute canceled the wedding singer, postponing it indefinitely.In fact, the couple have together 1.5 years, and all the fans to look forward to the romantic and the happy end of their stories a beautiful wedding.Singer argues that they Frolov completely different, but it is only strongly attracted them to each other.It should be noted that Nachalova has a daughter from his first marriage, who gets on well with the hockey player.