Alexander Radulov: biography and personal life of the hockey player (photo)

Young Russian hockey player Alexander Radulov those with high honors and awards, is considered one of the brightest prospective players representing the national team of Russia.The outstanding qualities of the person Radulov help him in the assault on the heights of sports and contribute to the continuation of a brilliant career.

first steps with a stick.What's over?

Alexander Radulov native of Nizhny Tagil.He was born in 1986, July 5.Sasha's parents noticed his agility, restlessness in early childhood and decided to direct the activity of the child in mainstream sports.

So future hockey star was on the ice rink in an embrace with a stick.Kata, he initially hesitant, but natural stubbornness, strong will, his brother Igor influence on the development of the sporting spirit of Alexander gave a strong and confident sprouts on a hockey field.

hours of training on the ice have contributed not only to physical development and hardening of the body very young player.Filling cones, Sasha learned dedic

ation, educated man's character and ability to stand up not only for himself, but for the honor of the whole team.

who forged the faith in victory, along with Alexander Radulov?

Alexander Veyngardtu, first mentor and coach Radulov, could see a young hockey player in the enormous potential and he able to develop in him a desire to storm titanic sporting heights that Alexander Radulov took one after the other.Short time Radulov brothers lived and studied in a boarding school sporting profile of Yaroslavl.

Surprises junior career

In its sixteen years of hard junior was in Moscow club "Dynamo" and two years mastering the game in the second part of the team.The debut took place in the major league season 2003-2004.Alexander Radulov, junior hockey, went to the ice once, but it was enough to see the team play the best features of a young hockey player.

In 2004, Alexander has known in his homeland as top scorer, having the title of "Winner of the World Junior Championships."High rank preceded by two games in the Junior World Championships.The first recognition of Alexander Radulov got fans in the game with the Canadians.

Club bids for Alexander Radulov

In the same year he receives the League NHL.Club "Nashville Predators" Alexander chose the NBA Draft, and become an active player Radulov hockey team, holding a key position in the lineup.In the same year he drafted the Canadian "Quebec Remparts."Hockey season 2004-2005, Alexander Radulov finished as the third striker.He played 65 matches and scored in their asset 75 points.

fought for Alexander Radulov?

young athlete for several years won the highest titles and awards.

- 2005, 2006 - silver medalist at the World Junior Championships.

- 2007 Radulov gave a gift in the form of an invitation to the national team of Russia.

- 2007 - the bronze medalist at the World Championships

- 2008 - Radulov in the national team won the gold at the world championships.

- 2008 - Alexander Radulov transition into the club "Salavat Yulaev".

- 2008 - Radulov - World Champion.

- 2009 - World Champion.

best player, top scorer, winner of prizes, cups - that's not all titles Alexander Radulov.The list of sporting achievements crowned government awards.

  • Medal of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland", 2 degree awarded an outstanding hockey player for a significant contribution to the victory of the Russian team at the world championships in 2008 and 2009.
  • ¬ęGolden Hockey Stick" - recognizing excellence player Alexander Radulov of the results of voting during a CHL championship 2009-10.

Where is Alexander Radulov?

hockey fans watched the career of an athlete.Fans interested in where he plays Alexander Radulov today.

famous hockey player pleases his fans.Today, his fantastic career with success continues Alexander Radulov.CSKA Moscow - it is the team, which included it out on the ice today.

What got wind of paparazzi about his personal life hockey player?

striker Radulov tries not to publicize the details of his personal life, it is almost impossible due to the attention of admirers and fans.Giving interviews to the media, the hockey player trying to circumvent the correct questions about the family.Still, some of the details of life Sasha is sports seep into the press and immediately picked up hunter popular groom.

So, Alexander Radulov, hockey, rumored twisted romance with singer Nyushey.But gossip lovers were disappointed.It turns out Niusha Radulov invited to the shooting of his video "It hurts," paid hockey player fee and waved handle.

Anna Sedokova also got a list of girls Sasha Radulov, but has held this role for long.Alexander has always been an avid fan of the "Viagra" and pulled her soloist Anya.But for some unknown reason he did not take courtship Sedokova Radulov, despite dedicated to her goals famous striker.Perhaps previous mistakes in marriage forced Anna to be prudent with respect to the athletes.

Next in the list of fans of a hockey player and chosen ones was known forty years telediva Lera Kudryavtseva.Their acquaintance took place at the close of the season the CHL.Kudryavtseva in the day handed Radulov award.Between them ran a spark of mutual sympathy, which later developed into a passionate love story.Lera at the party and Sasha did not take their eyes off each other, and suddenly went on the same machine.Although the forward

not lived in the capital, he dropped in there quite often.Alexander Radulov, whose personal life sometimes makes a sharp turn, visited the ancient capital punctually.One reason for the constant visits are undoubtedly glamorous Lera, and the show, which invited him Kudryavtseva, Sasha said that really wants to start a family and have a baby.Why not a declaration of love for the entire air ?!

of continuing communication known in the world of show business and sports circles couple has learned from Lerin diary in "Twitter."Beauty Kudryavtseva made ambiguous hints Alexander Radulov, fueling public interest in the person.

She called him Sashulya sweetly purring while.Leroy does not even ashamed to put a photo with the expansion in his living form of the athlete.

Is Alexander Radulov would remain a bachelor?

However, for the year as Sasha Radulov met with a completely different girl.Her name is Daria Dmitrieva.They met by chance at a party with friends, and have deep mutual sympathy.Twenty years after the injury gymnast Dasha went to the coaching job, moved to removable nest Sasha and engaged in its construction.

see some of the young people are not able to because of the training and trips Sasha.But as you know, love is tested by time and distance.Former gymnast understands her fiance without scandals and patiently waiting for him to return home.

Expert female hearts Sasha Radulov is in no hurry to bring happiness to his chosen marriage proposal that is perhaps a little upset girl.But her happiness - is to be close to the famous hockey player.So if anyone is interested in the question of where is Alexander Radulov, we can safely answer that Sasha and Dasha.And perhaps soon a sweet couple will announce the world about their relationship.