Sergei Makarov: athletic career hockey player

Once this outstanding hockey player, it becomes eight times world champion, named the best Soviet sniper, however, this status was fixed him forever.Who is he?Of course, Sergey Makarov, who made the Soviet sport just a huge contribution.This is the pride of our country.It should be noted that it still bears the title of two-time Olympic champion.But that's not all.Sergey Makarov awarded a gold stick, because in the period from 1981 to 1982, it recognized the best hockey player in Europe.It was said that he was also top scorer in the World Championships and it's absolutely true!


Sergey Makarov was born June 19, 1958 in a major Urals city of Chelyabinsk.While the sport has a serious brother of future hockey stars.The love of this exciting game Sergei arose immediately.As soon as he learned to walk, parents began to tell what hockey.

far from the house Makarov Stadium, so the brothers spend all their spare time in the summer chasing a ball, and in winter - the puck.Brother Sergei gradu

ally taught the basics of the game, and in five years the boy was well kept on ice.In view of the fact that children's hockey team took the children from 7 years old, he is able to play with their peers, who were 1-2 years older than him.Of course, against this background, he looked weak hockey player, but in these unequal duels in the future athlete elaborated militant in the future helped him win significant victories.During the puck, he always fought to the last.

player Chelyabinsk "Tractor»

As time went on, and after a hard training on the ice Sergei Makarov gets an offer to join the local hockey team "Tractor".Very soon, the coaches realized that the young man, who is only 15 years old, a bright future in the Soviet sport.According to them, Sergey Makarov just had to deal with hockey on a professional basis, and it met their expectations.After graduating from high school, the future star of the sport became a student of the Chelyabinsk Institute of Physical Culture.

invitation in USSR national team

Soon Ural talented guy sees himself coach of the national hockey team Viktor Tikhonov.He invited the brothers Makarov to join her, and they are not particularly thinking, agreed.That's Sergey Makarov was on the same playing field with such renowned athletes like Vladimir Krutov, Igor Larionov, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Alexei Kasatonov.

Triumph of Soviet hockey players

Soon, in 1978, a friendly match between the Soviet national team and the national team of Finland, which was held in Helsinki.It was the first game with Sergey Makarov in the team that represented the Soviet Union in world sport.In this match he was able to demonstrate excellent training and not even score the puck into the opponent's net.Our players finally got the victory.A few days later in Tampere opponent wanted revenge, but it did not work - Makarov scored again.USSR team won in this match.After that our hockey players managed to defeat the Swedish national team, and easily get to the World Cup, which was held in Prague.

Since then, the glory comes to hockey player.Photo by Sergey Makarov regularly published in well-known publications covering the topic of sports in the country of the Soviets.The whole season in the national team he is in perfect physical condition, hitting coaches excellent game on ice.Ice hockey player with the team decides to go to Canada for the Challenge Cup to face off in duels with the strongest players in the NHL, which included Canadians, Swedes and Finns.

our team at the beginning of the 70s was referred to as "The Red Machine," and, in spite of some setbacks, which dubbed subsequently removed "Czechoslovak curse", the Soviet Union was able to take the gold in a five-time world champion, won the Canada Cup, Challenge Cup.

course, Sergei Makarov - hockey player with a capital letter.In 1983, 1985, 1986, the world championship he was recognized as the top scorer, and in 1979 - the best sniper.And, of course, every hockey fan of the Soviet era knew a great three "cool - Larionov - Makarov," which to this day is recognized by experts invincible.Sergey Makarov played for the first time in this famous trio in a friendly match held in 1981 in Edmonton.Noteworthy is the fact that in 1986 the international tournament the whole team was named team of the USSR «All Stars».That's how young guys who are under thirty years old, became the stars of sport.

What helped win victories?

Sergei Makarov - "hockey-legend" - could win matches against formidable opponents, who just trembled when he heard part of "Red Machine"?This he was once asked by journalists."I do not like to praise myself.The evaluation of my game should give experts and sports analysts.I believe that we were victorious because they were able to improvise and create unusual situations at the gates of the enemy, "- said the double Olympic champion.

should be noted that in the decisive moments precisely because Sergey Makarov Soviet hockey players of the team managed to win victories.For CSKA during the period from 1978 to 1989, he played 472 matches and scored more than three hundred heads.

career abroad

Once in the country, an era of perestroika, many famous athletes were out of work, so they had to look for work abroad.No exception was also Sergei Makarov.Hockey for him was the meaning of all life, and he decided to go for the ocean, where he became a player, "Calgary Flames".

In the first season top scorer and won the distinguished "Calder Trophy" - the award he won as the best rookie league.The first time playing in the US, Sergei Makarov felt discomfort.After the season, "Calgary Flames" is over, he decided to visit his native Chelyabinsk and the whole summer helping his brother to train the local team "Tractor".

After the collapse of the USSR, he played for several seasons, "Calgary Flames", and then signed a contract with "San Jose", but significant progress in the new team has not achieved.In 1995, he plays for Swiss club "Fribourg-Gotteron," and then again returns to the NHL to play for the team, "Dallas."

After a career

It's no secret that the famous hockey player did much to our countries to develop sport.In his honor, it was opened a section for those who want to learn how to score goals professionally.In 2005, at the initiative of the city authorities in Chelyabinsk was opened hockey school Sergey Makarov.

Now he is engaged in business, helping to train the boys in the American Hockey School.He lives with his family in California.Sometimes it takes part in the veterans' tournament.