Playing the ball - is the foundation of hockey skills

Hockey, as you know - a team game.Even the most outstanding striker in it is doomed to failure if we count only on themselves.This in no way detracts from the individual skills of each athlete.But to overcome the enemy defense is possible only through an accurate pass.It is instantaneous and error-free transmission washers partner, who had to go to a position where you can hit the opponent.I can say without the slightest exaggeration that the ability to give an accurate pass to stick partner - is the foundation of hockey skills.

Soviet hockey school

is widely believed that the game via the pass - is the foundation of the national hockey school.Allegedly, the home of hockey in Canada, based on the strategic construction of individual high-speed passages towards the goal.Despite the fact that such an assertion is debatable element precise observation of the National Hockey traditions it still contains.The truth is that it was the Soviet hockey strategy has perfected the principle of the game through

the pass.It is a recognized fact.The general plan of action in any given situation, the coach explains the future of hockey players still in the children's sports school.The whole point is the ability to "see the field", concentrating not so much on the puck as to move players on the field, their own and other teams;the ability to correctly calculate and intuitively predict the subsequent development of events and come out the winner of each game episode.

Solo Ice

There are some outstanding masters, each of them on the ice, in the figurative expression, it is worth half team.They are able to break and go build any defensive opponent.And it would be a strategic mistake on the part of the coach to make them play as a general pattern.But the genius of the forward at the appropriate time needed to stick an accurate pass.This will allow him to work on the rest of shot done individually.Therefore, the key to success is often hidden in the correct selection of the top three players in attack.Head forward and assistants must be played and a good understanding of each other's attack.The secret to success on the ice is a rational combination of the advantages of individual and collective style of play.

What is the scoring pass

In hockey, often there are times when, after a dizzying combination of striker completes his solo passage a goal opponent.Only the final touch with his hockey stick produces a teammate.Is it fair to assume in this case the only scorer of who actually sent the projectile into the net?Of course not.Therefore, the impact of the player in the team (and in accordance with it, and overall rating and the prospects for future sports career) are evaluated by the so-called "goal plus pass".This means that in general not only Ladder are abandoned washers, but also assists.And such an approach is definitely correct.It stimulates collective action team.Often, even the defenders, whose duty it is not included, are connected to the attack and partners provide detailed scoring pass.

Outside hockey

meaning of the word "pass" has already had time to go out and beyond hockey and sports in general.It is often used in many spheres of human activity, which refers to collective action and relationships with partners.Often this term popular sports can be heard in policy discussions, and in the discussion of issues of public life.Particularly fond of this sporty image in a business where success often depends on the ability to build cooperation with partners.