Sergei Bobrowski: biography and personal life

Sergei Bobrowski was born in the city of Novokuznetsk, September 20, 1988.Parents though Sergei nothing to do with professional sports (his father worked for many years at the mine and his mother - at the metallurgical plant), but always loved to participate in various sports activities.

Hockey school

Sergei with a very young age was an energetic child, but because the parents had no doubt that their child will be engaged in any kind of sport.That is why it was decided to send Seryozha to school with a sports bias, where students not only learn the basics of science, but also seriously engaged in hockey.With this institution started at the time such famous players as Dmitry Orlov, Sergei Zinoviev and Maxim Kitsyn.Kitsyn recalls Alex, the first coach Bobrov, the year in hockey class with about a hundred people, but because he saw Sergei only a couple of months after the start of training.Bobrowski grasped everything literally on the fly, he quickly learned how to ride, and even then were seen his l

eadership qualities.

Career goalkeeper

Sergei Bobrowski - hockey player who surely would have become a good defender or attacker.But fate decreed otherwise.When Sergei was in the first grade, goalkeeper became seriously ill and not knowing who to replace him, the coach inquired volunteers.Bobrowski expressed a desire than a predestined future.

in life still quite a young boy won first place hockey.Sergei Bobrowski with the support and help of parents, who by passion son treated very seriously, continued to engage in this sport and after school.

During the command "Metallurg»

Bobrowski Sergei became a disciple of the hockey team "Metallurg" Novokuznetsk.The main part, he made his debut in the age of eighteen (in season 2006-2007.), Successfully having played several matches.In the following season, Sergei went to the ice much more frequently, showing the team and the fans their skills.It did not help, "Metallurg" to improve the statistics of games, and the team continued to regress.Defense Gate outsider - it certainly languid and hopeless, but due to this Bobrowski quickly began to gain experience.For "Metallurg" Sergei played until 2010, until then, until the expiration of his contract.

start in the NHL

In May 2010, Sergei Bobrowski, whose biography is interesting and exciting, has signed a contract valid for 3 years with the team, "Philadelphia Flyers".Peter Laviolette, a mentor, "Flyers", decided to put Bobrowski in the opening match of the season, in a game with "Pittsburgh."Russian has met all expectations.Starry attack hosts were unsuccessful.Sergey successfully repelled 30 shots in the gate, and brought such an important victory for the team.

in 14 matches young players scored 11 victories, making it recognized as the best rookie of the month.However, the lack of experience still haunt and the playoffs Bobrowski played not very good.

the summer of 2011. "Philadelphia" has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Ilya Bryzgalov - Russian goalkeeper.As a result, the core team remaining two goalkeepers - Bobrowski and Bryzgalov.Increasingly, however, it was Ilya went to the ice, and Sergey sat out on the bench.So, of the 14 matches he participated only in 4.

«Columbus Blue Jackets»

summer of 2012 Sergei Bobrowski to address the coaching staff has become a player, "Columbus Blue Jackets' - command that hit the play-off it seemed improbable task.By the winter of 2013 Russia became the first footballer in his team's penalty area.Thanks to him, the team held a terrific game time without a defeat.In a short time Bobrowski, a game that was just phenomenal, hockey has become a real star.

In 38 games, he had spent on the ice, has won 21 wins, with four matches were played out "to zero."Sergei Bobrowski, in fact - the real hero of the Continental Hockey League season 2012/2013, one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

game in the national team

For the Russian team for the first time Bobrowski debut in 2006 at the Junior World Cup, where the team finished fifth.In the summer of 2007, "Super Series 2007" Russians in the confrontation of youth teams were defeated.At this tournament, Sergei took part in the match.In 2008, at the World Cup among youth, Sergei Bobrowski was the main goalkeeper.Russia has a very worthy and won bronze.

In 2010 Sergey has been declared in the national team at the World Cup 2010.Vyacheslav Bykov, head instructor of the team to participate in the national team decided to select players without NHL players and athletes who continued to battle for the Gagarin Cup.Among these reservists appeared and Bobrowski, who played a draw with Italy.

In 2012, Sergei played for the Russian team at the Karjala Cup.Although Bobrowski successfully spent the season 2012/2013, the Games, the World Cup 2013 the team were invited Varlamov and Bryzgalov.

Sergey in 2014 has been declared in the hockey team to the Olympics in Sochi, but the team's performance can be called a failure.Rehabilitated in the eyes of the coach and the fans, the players, among whom was Sergei Bobrowski, could in 2014 and won the honorary title of world champions.


Young and successful athlete married.Dorokhova Olga and Sergei Bobrowski met at a ski resort Sheregesh, began dating and soon realized that for each other.August 16, 2011 held a wedding ceremony, witnessed by only roditeli.Bobrovsky Sergey - a talented young hockey player, not just brings his team to victory.The game is not only the goalkeeper jubilation of fans, but also the interest of foreign coaches.