Hockey: Mikhail Anisin - promising player

Many have heard about the infamous hockey player such as Michael Anisin.It really is a talented young athlete that deserves special attention.Moreover, on hearing his name among many, it's a person's biography, filled with interesting facts.

rapid success

Mikhail Anisin - hockey player, is a graduate of the Moscow CSKA.Everyone knows that the "Red Army" has always been famous for their mastery of the puck.And Michael was no exception.The "big" hockey first year he spent at the club Resurrection "Chemist".Home for him was not too successful, because he played only seven games, and no one could not score points.A year later, the athlete returned to CSKA where raised, and six months later began to play at the "Wings of the Soviets."It was there in the 2007-2008 season he was top scorer in the Premier League.Following this success, Michael became interested in the "Vanguard".However, hockey player decided that he did not quite match practice, so he decided to play for the "Siberia".It should be clarif

ied one interesting nuance.Between Michael and Anatoly Bardin, who is the manager of the Omsk club, a verbal agreement was concluded that two years later, ice hockey will be played in the "Vanguard".But fate had a little differently.In 2010, Michael moved to Anisin "Severstal".In this club he managed to get the title of best player of the team "in September 2010 according to the fans."


In the season 2010-2011 Mikhail for Cherepovets club played 16 matches (3 + 1).However, on November 11 it was announced information that it goes in the Khanty-Mansiysk "Yugra".But here, everything turned out differently.In 2011, January 8, the club canceled the application for an athlete.But hockey was not taken aback, and 19 of the same month signed an agreement with the club Chekhov "Hero", which has become one of the leading players.Indicators have been very good - 28 games, he scored 34 points (18 + 16).On January 12, 2012 Michael became a member of the Moscow "Dynamo".It is with this hockey team won the Gagarin Cup.At the same time he was awarded the title of best sniper playoff series.

National Hockey League

Before that Vyacheslav Mahrensky, is an agent of the best sniper "Dynamo", he said that in the future, Michael, is likely to be to play for a club in the NHL.Then on hockey left representatives of two teams.However, managers were asked not to speak the names, as the club is an avid competitors, but were in different conferences.Michael, like any other self-respecting hockey player, wanted to try his hand in such a strong competition.In fact, at that time the idea fascinated him.But then there were many other important matches, such as meeting with Omsk "Vanguard".Only after the end of the playoffs proposals were considered.After the end of the season has been informed that Michael Chekhov Anisin return to the club.But again, it happened differently.After some time the leaders of the clubs have decided to keep the rights to hockey.So at the moment the answer to the question "where to play Michael Anisin?" Remains the same.But it was not for long, because on the eve of 2013 athlete crossed the disposal of "Severstal".

Life after the "return"

Until such time as a hockey player moved to the "Severstal", it had the right to sport the Continental Hockey League.It is worth noting that she bought them in the Moscow club "Dynamo".It happened on the results emerged in the capital club conflict.In 2013, in October, Michael was playing for the Donetsk "Donbass".In the first match of the club athlete held on October 21.And this game was held against the team in which he used to play - namely, against the Moscow "Dynamo".But not for long hockey career lasted into the "Donbass", because just three weeks later on 16 November, the club made a formal decision that terminated the contract with the player.Around Anisina Michael went a lot of rumors.For example, it said that the St. Petersburg SKA wants to see in the structure of the hockey player.But in fact, after the interview with the athlete's agent it turned out that even this was not even mentioned.And how many different rumors about the fictional conflict - they are countless.


Anisin - hockey player with talent and great potential.In addition, it has a lot of awards and achievements, which he has made his own work.The first of the most important - is the title of top scorer in the Premier League (season 2007-2008).He also is a party game, "All-Star" of the Continental Hockey League in 2012.Also, it was he - the owner of the Gagarin Cup for the same in 2012.And in addition, Michael has the honorary title of the best sniper Gagarin Cup 2012.

player with ambitions

Where is Michael Anisin - hockey player with great talent?It was not so long ago, in November last year from the "Donbass" athlete left.More precisely, he was expelled, as in Ufa made a drunken brawl.Then it was a fight hockey players Sergei Varlamov and our hero - both athletes were working as a team - in Donetsk "Donbass".After the conflict, which took place in the hotel, the players were taken to hospital.In Varlamov was severe traumatic brain injury, and because he was hospitalized.Anisin in a state of extreme intoxication.It is worth noting that this was not the first situation of this nature, which was attended by Michael.Some have even called it a "time bomb."Michael Anisin steadily changed several teams in a single season.Late last year, he decided to briefly tie hockey.