Sergei Fedorov: career and personal life of a hockey player

Sergei Fedorov - one of the most famous athletes of our country.His talent has found admirers both at home and abroad.Multi-year hockey career Russians held in the strongest leagues in the world - the USSR championship, the overseas NHL and the Russian KHL.Sergey has won many prestigious trophies on the club level, and in the games for the national team.With its sparkling game athlete became a popular figure in the media and in the pages of the leading hockey publications in Russia and abroad are constantly emerging a picture of him.Sergei Fedorov - an example of a player who, despite a long career in another country is a patriot.

basic biographical facts

Fedorov Sergey Viktorovich - a native of Pskov, a professional hockey player.Fixed position in the team - the central striker.He was born in 1969.He played in the national championship of Minsk "Dynamo" and CSKA Moscow.He spent most of his career overseas in the leading clubs of the NHL.One of the best players in the league the last few decades, re

peated winner of prestigious awards strongest hockey championship of the world.

became the owner of three Stanley Cups.He won many trophies overseas, returned to his homeland, became a player of the Continental Hockey League (KHL), designed to compete with the NHL for the title of the strongest in the world.Having played several seasons in the new championship, I started managerial and coaching.Successfully advocated for the national team, won a victory at the World Championships, becoming medalist at the Olympic Games.Many experts rated as one of the most successful Russian hockey players.

Career in Russia

First Steps in ice hockey Sergey Fedorov made in "Apatitstroy", but soon moved to the School of the Minsk club "Dynamo" and held in "Yunost", comes to the Belarusian team of young talents.Play in the championship began in 1985, but a year later moved to CSKA Moscow.In the game for the "army" Fedorov spent five seasons, has played 184 games, scored 47 goals and assisted partners in person 34 times (by typing, so 81 points for the "goal plus pass").In 1990 he left for the NHL, which has spent nearly two dozen seasons.

In 2009, he returned to Russia, adding to the ranks of the club Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist".He played with the team for three years, after which he was invited to the club, where once his career was beginning to blossom - CSKA Moscow, but on administrative work - the general manager.During the games in the CHL Sergey three times participated in the All-Star Game League and in 2013 he played in the team after the Olympics "Sochi-2014".

career in the NHL

still playing for CSKA in the national championship, the young and promising Sergei Fedorov was spotted by scouts of the American team, "Detroit Red Wings", serving in the NHL.In 1990, the Soviet hockey player moved into the camp overseas club, where he spent some great seasons.He played 908 games for the team, scored in the opponents' goal of 400 goals and 554 times assisted partners.As part of "Detroit," Fedorov won three Stanley Cup (in 1997, 1998 and 2002).Was awarded the prestigious awards NHL ("Hart Memorial Trophy", "Lester Pearson Euord" in 1994, "Frank J.. Selke Trophy in the same year and in 1996).

spent in the "Detroit" 13 seasons, Fedorov joined the "Anaheim Mighty Ducks", which played two incomplete championship.Then continued his career in the "Columbus Blue Jackets" and capital "Washington Capitals" - in this club Fedorov was the company Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin and Viktor Kozlov.In 2009, Sergei Fedorov returned home.

¬ęDetroit": the best years and leaving the club

In "Detroit Red Wings' Fedorov spent the bulk of his career.According to the sports media, between Sergey and leadership of the American team in recent years games for the club, the Russians have been disagreements.First of all, believed in the hockey community, because the Russian player received not so much playing time as I wanted.Coaches Scott Bowman, then Dave Lewis did not consider it necessary to put a priority on providing more chances for Sergei site.Many hockey experts Fedorov transition to another club was a matter of time.

International career

successful game of hockey clubs Fedorov could not remain unnoticed by the coaches of the national team (first the USSR and then Russia).As a part of the Soviet team, Sergei won two world championships (in 1989 and 1990), playing for Russia - one (in 2008).Managed to win, playing for the national team of Russia, two Olympic medals: silver in 1998 and bronze in 2002.Despite the fact that in 2000, the hockey player Sergei Fedorov became a US citizen, this fact did not stop him to play for their country and show the highest level of skill.


Sergei Fedorov believes that any Russian hockey player remains true to their national identity, even playing overseas.Assessing the prospects of the Continental Hockey League, Fedorov in his interview to Russian sports community calls not to copy the American NHL, and go their own way.Despite the fact that the management of overseas clubs are not always loyal to the fact that Fedorov is leaving to play for the national team, Sergey always wanted to play for Russia.

Regarding the success of the national team in the championship of 2008, hockey there is a high work of the coaching staff in terms of a personalized approach to the players.Fedorov believes that Russia plays a lot of high-profile players from which you can form several teams.


hockey player Sergei Fedorov - not among people who like to make to the public the details of his personal life.Information on this subject appearing in the media, it is often based on hearsay.In the US press there is evidence that Sergei few years met with tennis player Anna Kournikova, and even registered her marriage in 2001.They met in 1995 in Moscow, when the athlete participated in one of the international competitions.Subsequently appeared in various media photo Kournikova in a sweater "Red Wings" (played for the club Sergei).

The couple lived for some time in Detroit, according to unofficial information, the young people were engaged in 1999 (confirming statements from Anne and Sergey on this subject was not published, but the denials, too).The union of two athletes stayed, but not for very long.The former wife of hockey player Sergei Fedorov in a few years, began a relationship with Enrique Iglesias.