Hockey player Nikolai Zherdev - sports career and personal life

Nikolai Zherdev was born in 1984 in Kiev.The first coach who taught him the basics of hockey, was Yuri Krylov.When the boy was 15 years old, Nicholas went to develop his talent in HK "Elemash" from Elektrostal.This club became the first professional hockey.For 3 seasons Nicholas was involved in the team.

began a successful career

In 2002, hockey player, was summoned to the junior national team, and at the World Championships, which took place in Slovakia, the team won silver.And he Nikolai Zherdev was the best scorer of the tournament, earning 11 points in 8 matches.Successful performance of the young striker was seen CSKA Moscow, with whom the contract was signed.During the 2002-2003 season Zherdev takes the form of capital club, earning 28 points in 64 matches.

career overseas in the "ColumbusĀ»

In the summer season of 2003, when the prestigious NHL draft started, Nikolai Zherdev signed a contract with "Columbus", designed for 3 years.In November, a talented hockey player went to the United St

ates without informing the leadership of CSKA, with the result that there was a conflict between the clubs.Representatives of CSKA said that Zherdev passes military service and can not leave his unit.Coach CSKA hockey player threatened criminal proceedings, and the club has submitted the case to the international sports court.In the spring of 2014 was a verdict in favor of Zherdev.

During the 2003-2004 season, Nikolai Zherdev in the form of "Columbus" earned 34 points.The following season was the 2004-2005 NHL lockout, and returned to the Russian ice hockey championship.Surprising fact that the club accepted it was CSKA Moscow, despite past conflicts between the parties.After playing the game for a season 51, Zherdev has earned 40 points.The following season he returned to hockey "Columbus", earning 54 points in 73 games.

At the beginning of the 2007-2008 season there was a conflict between a hockey player and a team leader, which concerned the revision of working conditions in the direction of increasing salaries.Then Nikolai Zherdev signed a safety agreement with the "Chemist" from Moscow.For him, he played eight games in which gained 6 points.And in October, parties to the conflict have agreed and hockey player signed a new contract with "Columbus" duration of 3 years.During the 2006-2007 season, Zherdev earned 32 points for 71 games.Further 2 seasons were the most successful in the NHL for hockey.In the championship of 2007-2008, who later would be the last one for him in the form of "Columbus," Zherdev earned 61 points in 82 matches.

Go to the "RangersĀ»

At the start of the next championship hockey player as a result of the exchange goes to New York, "Rangers."Management of the club for several years wanted the talented striker.In the 2008-2009 regular season.Zherdev earned 58 points in 82 matches, thus becoming top scorer.However, a series of play-off hockey is not spent in the best way, not in 7 matches to score points.At the end of the summer season Nikolai Zherdev becomes a free agent.Management of the club offered him a new contract on the basis of which he was to receive 3.25 million. Dollars.However, this is not like a hockey player, and he appealed to the sports court.During the trial, the decision was made, in which the Russians should get 3.9 million. Dollars.However, the bosses of the club refused to enter into a contract on such terms, considering that the results are evaluated Zherdev below.By agreeing to the previously proposed amount, Russian hockey player was ready to sign a contract, but the "Rangers" went back on their word, thus leaving him out of business.

Return to Russia

After failing to pursue a career in the "Rangers' Nikolai Zherdev returned to Russia, where he plans to play in the KHL.In September 2009, it was officially signed a contract and a hockey player of HC "Atlas".In the championship 2009-2010 Zherdev earned 40 points in 56 games.After his graduation, he wanted to return to the NHL.

in the strongest league in the world Nikolai Zherdev (hockey) has signed a one-year contract with "Philadelphia."Over 56 games, he earned 22 points, which, compared to last season, no one was impressed.In the spring of 2011 in the playoffs hockey spent 8 games, earning 3 points.After "Philadelphia", he returned to the "Atlas".In the season of 2011-2012 he spent 53 games, earning 40 points.In the 2012-2013 season, he spent 39 games, earning 37 points.In winter 2013 Nikolai Zherdev moved to the "Ak Bars", but to prove himself a hockey player could not properly and get lost in the collective.Therefore, at the end of the season the club decided not to continue working with him.In the summer of 2013 Nikolai Zherdev signed a contract for 3 years with HC "Lion" of Prague.

conflict with his wife

After a stormy celebration of the new contract the Russian hockey player crashed his car.Wife Eugene scribbled on Bentley Player nail obscene words.In the car repair Zherdev had to spend about one million rubles.

According to the workers of the hotel, Zherdev invites girls and partying with them all night, then the maintenance personnel had to give a room a long time in order, and the media were unsightly picture.Nikolai Zherdev after all this, learned that his wife has promised to apply for a divorce.

Three clubs in one season

hockey player and was not destined to play for the club in Prague a single game, the reason was his desire to return to his family.In Russia, he signed a contract with the Moscow "Spartak".After 16 games in the CHL championship, Zherdev did not show a good game, earning a total of 7 points.Leaders of the Moscow team has decided to terminate the contract with the hockey player.

next club, which in November 2013 signed Nikolai Zherdev - "Severstal".However, due to their nature, he stayed there for a long time.Familiar Nicholas reported that on the day of the match between "Spartacus" and "Severstal" in Moscow hockey player met his wife.Nikolai Zherdev, whose wife was not going to go to a hockey player for reconciliation, made a major quarrel with him.Athlete temper and slammed the door, instead of going to an ice palace, went to pour alcohol into the local mountain tavern.After the booze drunk behind the wheel of his Bentley and drove in the direction of the hotel, however, was in a traffic accident, which was itself to blame Nikolai Zherdev.Headlines fill up the cup of club management.It was decided to terminate the contract with expensive hockey player.Due to the fact that the transfer window closed in a hockey league, he was a free agent.Because of the scandalous reputation of hockey has lost its fans, so where plays Nikolai Zherdev, many fans were not interested.

appearances for the national team

hockey, since 17 years, are regularly summoned to the Russian team.As noted above, in its active silver championship junior teams.In 2003, the hockey player Nikolai Zherdev was accepted into the youth team, which won World Championship gold.In the main Russian team successful seasons were in 2009 and 2012, when the hockey player with the national team took the gold medal.