What is the weight a hockey puck?

Hockey - a game for real men!Of course, what "not really" foolish man will pop up on the ice and chase the puck in the hope to throw it into the opponent or, in the worst case, get it as too tough?This sport is quite hard, and it's not how much weighs a hockey puck, and what kind of speed it develops in the course of the game.

brief history of hockey

One of the most disputed types of sports began its existence in Montreal in 1763.At this time, the United Kingdom just annexed the Canada, having won it in France.Initially British soldiers practiced only hockey, but as winter on novozavoёvannoy area were very harsh, the sport soon became winter.

official date of the first ever hockey game is March 3, 1875, when the two teams of nine players converged on Montreal rink "Victoria".From the equipment they had only gates, wooden washers and baseball protective form.The game was so pleased with the audience that two years later was approved first 7 rules of the game of hockey, and soon in the course allow

ed and rubber washer.

game is already considered among the people nationality, and fell in love with Canadian Governor-General Frederick Stanley.He came up in 1893, the legendary trophy named in his honor, for which today is still fighting the participants of the National Hockey League.

How was the native Russian hockey game

The origin story of the Russian hockey is December 22, 1946 On this day, Moscow, Leningrad, Riga, Kaunas and Arkhangelsk have hosted the debut game of the first in the Soviet Union national hockey championship."Our" in 1954 first came to the world level and in no time became the leaders, defeating the team of the then world champions Canadians with a score of 7: 2.

unstable situation 90s forced the Russian hockey star relocate to more generous foreign clubs, where they still show the highest class.

After 1993, when the Russian team was once again champion of the world, followed by a series of setbacks, and only in 2008 it was able to regain its former glory and the title.

«Family Tree» washers

Before all the details to talk about how much weight a hockey puck, and "how to treat it," look at the past, in those years when hockey was just gaining its momentum.Thus, the "ancestor" of what we now proudly call the puck was

ordinary ball, which drove through the grass.Somewhere in the middle of the nineteenth century it was replaced by a stone ... and, you know, is an instrument of the game could hurt anyone.But, oddly enough, to the light option hockey projectile people went nearly a century, and somewhere in 1975, as a material for the washer started using wood.It was only in 1979, one of the fans of this sport without having to hand anything more suitable, took a normal rubber ball and cut it from opposite sides.The resulting disc was even more comfortable than its predecessor, a wooden, and therefore has been widely used in sports.


course, today no such primitive way hockey shells does not manufacture.Technology has leaped forward, and modern washers are mainly made from either rubber or, as it is called, of vulcanized rubber or plastic.Such materials manufacturers have chosen not by chance: such feed has favorable characteristics that do not allow bouncing puck during a game.Such a shell, no matter how much weight a hockey puck, a very durable and can withstand enormous loads, which in hockey is more than enough: it kicks transcend sticks, permanent slipping on the ice and powerful blows on the fence.

To achieve this density, the washer for at least 10 days before the start of the game is placed in a special refrigeration room.Under the influence of low temperatures, rubber and plastic lose their elastic ability.

And that shell game is not mingled with the white surface of the ice in its manufacture can use black.Although there are several types of washers, depending on its color.For standard games use all the usual black washer for training of players - orange or blue (depending on what weight hockey puck), and for the training of goalkeepers - white.

jewelry work

production process itself is quite simple goals, especially because it is almost completely automated.Long machine rubber bars are cut into small discs that are amenable to subsequent heat treatment and pressing.As a result of manipulation should get a shell, which meets all international standards: the diameter of a hockey puck shall be 7.62 cm, its thickness does not exceed 2.54 cm and weight ranges between 154-168 grams.The shell of these parameters and then painted, it applied the necessary logos by screen printing.

correctly made the puck can reach speeds of up to 190 km / h, of course, if properly applied to the hockey stick.


But not all so simple.Professional as well as souvenir hockey pucks require more careful finishing, so they all made by hand.For this case the master shaybovogo mixed rubber hands (at this stage it has the form of pellets), with particular viscous feed.Get filled with a mixture of two complementary halves of a mold and then cold pressed to give standard version of hockey projectile.

Each club has its own symbols, which certainly must be stamped on the washer.Therefore, manufacturers using methods shёlkograficheskih and colorful rubber ink applied to the ordered emblem on previously prepared washers.

The manufacturing process receive defective items, which is quite easy to identify.All shells are required to attend the test for rebound and if we develop a test sample rate of speed does not meet the standard washers, she returned for revision.

unsuccessful modification

In the already distant 1994 television FOX-TV, which is constantly broadcast NHL games across the United States were allowed to create their own modifications hockey projectile, which would be more visible to viewers when watching matches.The size of a hockey puck FoxTrax (exactly a novelty began to magnify) has not changed, but it was placed inside a special chip and a power supply, and placed around the perimeter of an infrared light source.On the border of ice hockey rink are 16 sensors that interact with radiation sources on the washer, the computer signaled the TV-center on the movement of the projectile.

This invention really liked the viewer as FoxTrax highlighted on the screen in different colors: red indicates that the speed of the puck at the moment has reached 80 km / h, green - 120 km / h.And all would be fine if it were not for the high cost of such a device ($ 400) and the need to recharge the device every 10 minutes.And, furthermore, players began to notice that FoxTrax behave on the ice is not as regular washer.Therefore, since 1998, their production was banned.

Deadly Throw

Though the weight of a hockey puck, and not so great, but the damage it can cause irreparable.And not only the players.To protect spectators from hazards hockey field is shielded by special high sides made of stable security glass and stands, which are located directly behind the goalkeeper, also fenced grid.But in the history of the sport have been cases where fans become victims popped over the side washers.

Here, for example, in 2002, 13-year-old girl named Brittany Cecil, who supervised the development of the match between the Canadian "Calgary Flames" and the American "Columbus Blue Jackets", was fatally injured.Espen Knutsen zealous strike instantly moved the puck on top of fences, and she flew up to the 15th row, where he sat miserable.

As you can see, no matter how much weight a hockey puck, the main thing - the speed with which it rushes across the field.So take care!