The fact that such shootouts in hockey

hockey now play even where natural conditions do not happen almost no ice, no snow.Compete on the degree of popularity in different countries and on different continents with him can only football.Rules and regulations of the game evolved gradually, as it is from the simple fun of winter slowly turns into a big professional sport.Hockey community on both sides of the ocean has always been actively discussing the new trends and possible changes in the rules of a favorite game.Look carefully to what constitutes shootouts in hockey.This is one of the most contentious issues in the rules and regulations of hockey competitions.

When it comes to the shootout?

all existing rules of hockey playing on ice team find out the relationship with each other, trying to throw the puck into the opponent's goal.The whole process is strictly regulated game hockey rules for steady observance which oversees judging panel of three competent specialists.The tough power struggle is inevitable violations.Usually, they are pun

ished by removal of the guilty to two minutes of playing time, or five minutes, if the offense was serious and count inflicted light injuries.But there are exceptions when the striker goes one on one with the goalkeeper.And not managed to stop him in a fair fight defender knocks the opponent down.Such a violation is punishable by a special way.The aggrieved party is entitled to a free throw.

What shootouts in hockey

Penalty Shot in hockey called "bullet" and carried out in strict compliance with the rules.All foreign players leave the ice surface.It remains only the goalkeeper and striker.Bullets in hockey - is not nothing but a duel between them.Forward starting from the center of the field and moving to the gates, he has only one attempt to quit.Terms shootout in hockey for the second time to touch the puck attacker is not allowed.Well, the audience and the players are watching the outcome of the match from the stands and the bench.As a rule, the right to cast given to the player who has been attacked not by the rules, and was knocked down.

Before reaching results

Bullets in hockey are apparently quite spectacular.And the audience loves to watch in the stands for this kind of combat.But in ordinary games of free throws to it comes not so often, usually violations are punishable by a simple two-minute removal.Nevertheless bullets in hockey regular season Continental Hockey League performed very often.The point here is that they have lost the function of punishment of the offending team.Since games KHL established principle of the game, in which there can be a draw, with the help of set shootout winner in the match.If the three periods of regulation time ends with a tie score, then appointed a further period, it is called "overtime".If he does not reveal the winner, players command alternately perform three bullets.If this does not change the result of a draw, the teams are given one more cast.How shootout in hockey can be a maximum?As much as you need to win one of the teams.Thus, a draw is completely excluded, the success of any of the opponents certainly will achieve.But sometimes delayed for long shootout.

in the playoffs

several times changed the rules of the KHL in the part, which defines the rules for the finals of the championship.At the beginning of the league playoff games were no different from the rules of the regular part of the championship.But the match was often ends shootout series, as players were very afraid of making a mistake in the final meeting and give the opponent a chance.Were heard a lot of mocking comments on the topic that hockey can no longer play - just one shoot-out.But after their withdrawal appeared opposite extreme - the game began to be tightened very long time, one overtime followed another.The game was often wear.As a result, in 2012, it was made a balanced decision.Now down to the ending overtimes are played, and then throw bullets.Exceptions are the fifth game in the eighth finals of the seventh and in the subsequent stages.They play to win.In the same way, to the victorious outcome, played all the matches of the finals of the Continental Hockey League.

original record

World Hockey Statistics gives us the answer to the question of absolute achievements in throwing the ball shootout opponent.This record was set in the match between the teams of "Munich" and "Straubing Tigers."To clarify the relationship of these commands needed to make 42 free throws.Defeated "Straubing Tigers."Perhaps this is a curious record ever surpassed.Only this will happen very soon.