That is the playoffs in hockey

Regulation hockey competition has some features that were formed in the homeland of the popular game.What is the playoffs in hockey, no need to explain to residents of Canada and the United States, where it is known to all.And with the establishment of the Continental Hockey League this sports organization have been adopted by the main organizational principles of the NHL - how many years of practice-proven experience in the big tournament competition.

How does the hockey tournament in the CHL

In order to answer the question "What is the playoffs in hockey?", You should understand the system by which every year competitions for the title of the KHL.The annual rally championship of the Continental Hockey League consists of two parts.Schedule drawn up in such a way that all team members of the league, had the opportunity to meet each other at home and on the enemy.This is the first part of the Championship - Regular Season Hockey League.In the first years after the establishment of the organization al

l the hockey teams had the opportunity to clarify the relationship between them.Then their number increased, and the Continental Hockey League had split into two conferences - Eastern and Western.According to the results of the regular season standings compiled.And then there is actual answer to the question of what playoff hockey.If you speak very briefly, it is the second, the final part of the championship of the League.

From the rules of the game in hockey - playoff games

consider carefully the regulations particular the second part of the hockey championship.In the playoffs come only team that took the first sixteen places in the standings, with eight in each of the two conferences.These teams are split into pairs and continue to sort things out among themselves.Games are held separately in the Western and Eastern Conference.The team won first place, meets the eighth in the table, the second - with the seventh, the third - sixth, fourth - fifth.This is the first stage - the quarterfinals.

teams met each other before reaching four victories to one of them.In the next stage, the semi-finals, only to come out winners.They remain only four.In this principle lies the answer to the question "What is the playoffs in hockey?".This is followed by the conference finals and the super final, series of games between the strongest teams in the East and West.The winner will be only one.

Features games in the playoffs

To achieve purity results in the playoffs eliminated the element of hockey, like bullets.As a regular part of the championship on goal throw their opponent to overcome a draw when you do not manage to find out the relationship in the main and extra time of the match.A playoff game continues until the winning goal of the teams, no matter how many extra periods of so-called "overtime" for this or required.Often, the game takes protracted and lasts a very long time.This is due to the fact that everyone is afraid to make a mistake and give the opponent a chance.

As to whether such a principle?

During the playoffs attention to ice increases dramatically.The result begins to be interested in everyone, even people who are indifferent to the sport.And the news and the newspapers are full of headlines begin: "Great hockey, KHL playoffs ...".But hockey in the Soviet era have been playing for decades, and how it managed to do without the American word "playoffs."Some now doubt on account of the fact whether it was necessary to adopt the principle of NHL games.But the game to crash or the playoffs, give hockey a special dynamism, urgency and entertainment.And just so the answer to the question of whether such events can give a definite positive.