Bure Paul biography, personal life and photos.

famous hockey player Pavel Bure was born in Minsk on March 31, 1971 in a sports family.He is heir to the name and surname of his grandfather - the eminent watchmaker since the tsarist empire.His father, Vladimir Bure was an outstanding swimmer, specialized in the sprint.The most important achievement in the career of Vladimir Bure has been a bronze medal won at the Olympics in 1972.When Paul, the oldest son, became seriously get involved in hockey, the marriage of Vladimir and his wife Tatyana broke, and all the concerns about the education of the sons took over his mother.

and Paternal grandfather example, maternal rigor and perseverance own steel solid foundation in shaping the future of the world famous "Russian missiles".

How it all began

Pavel Bure, whose biography weaves together with a sports career, decided on the sport and started working at a young age.His family has not had a high income, so he sought all by himself.At the age of five Pasha he entered the CSKA sports school, where he beg

an a fruitful exercise of the future athlete.His first appearance in the big sports was held in March 1988 in the match, "Dynamo" -TSSKA the athlete aged 16 seriously declared itself accurate and fast goals.After such a successful start player in the team CSKA had a great match against the "Chemist", thus leading his team to a winning score of 6: 4.

first achievements in sports

After a bright start young hockey player Pavel Bure was invited to the youth team of the USSR, which is the World Championship in 1989 won.He received the gold medal of the Championship, and was also named the best forward, scored 14 points.Since hockey career began to develop rapidly.At age 19 he played in the national team of the USSR, and in the top five when it already had a title "Merited Master of Sports."

Difficult choice

After the great success of the young athlete in a team went to the team training camp in the City of Novorossiysk.There's every player was told to a contract with any hockey club to choose from, it was necessary to stay in the team.Moreover, the terms of contracts grew significantly.Bure Paul had to sign a contract with CSKA Moscow for 3 years instead of one, but from the proposed conditions hockey player refused.He was ready to play 1 year, but such conditions it was not offered.The result was the failure of the deprivation of the right to play for the USSR.But in 1991, Paul ended the life of CSKA and ended his game in the national team.

new benchmark

After the events in CSKA young players went to Canada, signing a contract with the NHL, "Vancouver Canucks", playing in which continued differ incredible athletic acumen.During the first two seasons of its development occurred as a distinguished member of the club on American soil.And this, according to the athlete, an important role was played by an older comrade Igor Larionov.A great help in adapting to the new place of Paul have parents and relatives who were there, which is particularly important, given how old Pavel Bure was at the time.This is an important step, as the departure of a hockey player on a total stranger to him then the continent, was the starting point in his great career.According to the striker himself, he does not know what would have been his fate if he had stayed in Russia then.Perhaps he would not have a sport quenching, which he acquired while playing in Canada.

Demonstration skill

first match in the Canadian Club he played against a team of "Winnipeg Jets".He failed to score a single goal, but he showed his sporting character than subdued and foreign fans.His first season in the Canadian player played quite well, scoring a total of 40 goals.In the 1992-1993 seasonnumber of goals already reached 60.After so successfully carried out a series of games Bure has firmly taken its place among the best players in the world.Media around the world predict a more successful next season, which will be able to raise the Canadian Club on the first position of the world ranking.And the predictions come true.The Stanley Cup Finals 1994 Canadian "Vancouver", though not able to pull out a victory in a difficult match against "New York Rangers", but Pavel Bure showed himself as the greatest master of his art, having won the honor and respect of millions of fans.

Serious injury

Further career of the famous NHL player evolved so successfully up until the 16th game of the season in a row in 1995 then in a match against "Chicago", striker collided with a player-rival Steve Smith and seriously injured the knee.The injury was followed by a break of the set ligaments required a long recovery, so the rest of the playing season, Paul was forced to miss.After treatment and rehabilitation member of the club was able to recover from serious injuries.She helped him in this his father, Vladimir, who has developed a set of special rehabilitation exercises in the swimming pool, and has a powerful moral and physical support to his son.

again on top of success

his return to hockey Pavel Bure met a wave of contradictory statements and press reviews fans.Some argue that it is unlikely to recover from injury and earned the best games is over, while others believed in perseverance and the power of sport hockey.The moral power to haunt, and the first half of the season has passed extraordinary because in some games, he starred as a player, and the other is absolutely not asserting itself.However, although the desire to return to its former shape was on the face, continue to gain victory points he failed.In the 18-th match of the hockey player he was injured again, but this time hit the back.

another record

In 1998, the famous striker, recovering from injury, the team was invited to Russia to participate in the Winter Olympics in Nagano.Coaches had pinned great hopes on him, and he lived up to them.Despite problems with health, Pavel Bure brought his team to the semi-finals, in which waged an intense struggle.As a result, even though the Russian team, and the team lost to the Czech Republic, Paul was named the best forward of the Olympic Games.Only in the game against the Czech team, he scored 5 goals that the world was incredible achievement for which the athlete was subsequently even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.This is the only case in history where a Russian hockey player has achieved such a record, having won silver, not gold medal.

Most Valuable Player

After the games in Nagano guy decided to terminate the contract with the Canadian club.However, the club did not want to release from their ranks an athlete, bringing former striker went on strike lasting more than six months.After the final departure from the "Vancouver" hockey player has signed a contract with the American club, "Florida Panthers".His first season in the "Florida" carried out very successful hockey player, throwing one goal after another and bringing the club to the leading lines of ratings, but to finish the season as successfully failed.An old knee injury reminded about themselves and as a result, the athlete twisted my ankle, ruptured cruciate ligament in the joint.Recovered after another injury, the player has carried out one of the best seasons of his career in which he scored 58 goals.And for his legendary hat-trick of 6 February 2000 on the match, "All-Star", he received the prize of "most valuable player of the match."

main thing - do not lose heart!

further career Pavel Bure, whose biography includes a number of not very successful games, "Florida", built quite difficult.Failure to 1/8 final matches of the Stanley Cup, the worst in the history of 11th place at the World Championship Russia become a real blow for the player and for millions of fans.Despite the setbacks, questions from the press about what the plans on a hockey player in his athletic career and what does Paul, he answered clearly stating a desire for future victories.

What does Pavel Bure

So, in 2000, he fought for the title of best player of last season, along with Jaromir Jagr and Chris Pronger.In addition, he was recognized as the best scorer of the championship and won the "Morris Richard Trophy."Won the award confirmed as having incredible stamina and energy of an athlete, and a high ranking in the game matches.Responding to a question about where is Pavel Bure, you can clearly answer that he continues to hit hockey fans around the world for its unparalleled sports grip and strength of spirit.His unique playing it fully justifies the title of "Russian Rocket" of world hockey.

Pavel Bure: personal life

whole life of the outstanding athlete of our time is riddled with lots of exercise and sports fees.In addition to participation in the games and championships, an athlete requires a lot of work on myself and competent distribution time.At the same time, Bure always very friendly speaks about Russia and very bored, while away from home.Every athlete seeks a vacation to spend in Moscow, gathering strength for the future achievements.Despite frequent invitations to entertainment events, a successful hockey player prefers odyhat in a homelike atmosphere.

According to Pavel Bure itself, personal life at such a busy sports schedule and regular flights just fades into the background.He always wanted to have a family and a comfortable home, however, he admits, he will dare to do so only when you realize that is completely ready.So, at the turn of the 40th anniversary of the Athlete's long-awaited wedding, and he soon became a father for the first time.With a huge amount of personal achievement and different medals, won at various world championships, Pavel Bure is not going to make loud statements regarding future career.