Anatoli Tarasov: biography, records and tactics legendary coach hockey

Hockey - popular and favorite game of the Russian people that after football is second.The battle on the ice - it is an interesting spectacle.The hockey team CSKA Moscow in the days of the Soviet Union has reached great heights.Her coach was Anatoli Tarasov.It is famous hockey player and football player, Ph.D., Master of Sports of the Soviet Union.

Some facts from the life of Anatoly Tarasov

Honored coach was born in Moscow in 1918, died in the same city in 1995.Biography of Anatoly Tarasov very exciting, full of bright moments, victories and defeats.

His mother worked in a sewing factory, bringing up two sons.Father Anatoly lost at age 9, from that moment on, he became the senior man of the family.Tarasovs lived near the sports complex "Dynamo".Mom drove sons engaged in school "Young Dynamo".Just a few years Anatoli Tarasov began to lead the youth team in hockey, and then the national team in Moscow.

Disaccustomed in a secondary school for seven years, he graduated from a vocational school.In 1

9 years, at the insistence of "Young Dinamo" he entered the High School coaches.At 22, already a well-known footballer of Odessa team "Dinamo" was a striker.When the Great Patriotic War was over, he was given the honorary title - senior major.I got into the coaches football and hockey club's Air Force.

Life After War

in 1946-1947 Anatoly Tarasov became player-coach CDKA.In these difficult times, the team has been a leader in the champion of the USSR took first place.

Anatoly told me how hard they worked and trained at night from 24 hours to 6. It was the country's first artificial ice the size of 120 square meters.Previously, the players do not think about training in a comfortable environment, or payment for the victory, but only engaged in hockey and improved techniques.

biography of Anatoly Tarasov filled with successes and failures in the coaching career.In Soviet times, the policy dictated the conditions or requirements, even in sport.But Tarasov was rebellious, sharp and bold.This man had an opinion and only used to listen to him.These qualities have led to the expulsion of coach hockey.

Since 1958, Anatoly Tarasov worked with the national team of the USSR.A couple of years of his work team became European champion in hockey.But once the country's political leadership ordered the Czechs to play in the "draw."They wanted to help a friendly government to take second place.But the USSR national team defeated the rival with the score 5: 2.In other words, Tarasov refused to follow the instructions and guidance for this was dismissed by the coach.

World champions and Olympic

outstanding person Anatoli Tarasov from 1947 to 1975, has successfully led the team CSKA.He was a player-coach.On the ice he had a hundred matches in the USSR championships and scored one hundred and six goals.In his example, he showed and taught his subordinates, how to behave in battle.Coach Anatoly Tarasov always tried to bring his team into the lead, and he did it.Under his leadership a clear CSKA eighteen-times gold medalist at the USSR championship.Anatoly was a wise and prudent coach.And it did not go unnoticed by higher authorities.

In 1957, Tarasov was awarded the title of Honored coach of the Soviet Union.A year later, he led the team of the USSR.It was the responsible and honorable work.For fourteen years, Anatoly led the team and has achieved stunning results.USSR squad triumphed nine times on the world champion and three times was the champion of the Olympic Games.Trusted coach this talented team achieved great heights.

contribution to the national hockey

Pupils Anatoly Tarasov repeatedly became world champions and Olympic Games.It is well-known players: Firsov and Almetov, Petrov and Kharlamov, Tretiak and elbows, and Ragulin Almetov, Alexandrov and Mihailov, as well as many others.

Anatoli Tarasov was the candidate of pedagogical sciences.He left a huge mark on the development of Russian hockey.His work and achievements to this day is remembered and his disciples, and other Russian athletes.But

honored coach made a significant contribution not only to the national sport, but also in the world.According to the "Encyclopedia Britannica", Tarasov - the father of Russian hockey.He made the team of the USSR the strongest and the leading force in international battles on the ice.

guide for players

Excellence and invaluable experience was described in the book "Hockey coming" and "tactics of hockey" Anatoly Tarasov.Even today they are popular and are a guide to many famous players.

The books available are described tactics of defense and attack in particular and individual, team and group activities.Tarasov argued that any movement separate hockey (goalie, striker, defender) should be based on his physical and technical preparation.Also, an important role is played by the ability to think tactically player on the ice.

Coach has developed a whole scheme of operations of the whole team.Every hockey player has a purpose and an important role in several areas of the rink.If we stick to the developed system, be sure to follow effective and complex combinations.For example, entry into the attacking zone or out of the protection zone, acting out rivals or actions at the side.

family famous coach

In 1939, Anatoly Tarasov married a sweet girl named Nina.It is just like an athlete, she studied at the High School coaches.February 13, 1947 in their family was born a daughter Tatiana.Sam's father coached her on ice.Already in the early fifties confident girl standing on skates.

Many years later, Tatiana Tarasova was the beautiful and well-known figure skating coach.Just as Anatoly, she raised a large number of world champions.

Tarasov family survived the terrible years of war, but still remained united and inseparable!