Valery Kharlamov: biography.

world-famous hockey player, eight-time champion of the USSR Valery Kharlamov, whose biography is still interested in the thousands, was born in Moscow in 1948, on the night of 13 January 14, right in the car, carrying his mother to the hospital.

Childhood, Family

Father Kharlamov, Boris Sergeyevich worked at the plant "Kommunar" mechanic.Mama Carmen Oreb Abad, nationality Spaniard, who arrived in the Soviet Union at the age of twelve during the Spanish Civil War, among other refugees worked in the same enterprise-turner revolverschikom.At the time of birth of his son Boris and Carmen they were not yet married, and married only three months.Valeri Kharlamov, whose biography is full of unexpected events, had a younger sister Tatiana.

to accompany his wife and newly born son Valery hospital, Boris S. went with things mothers walk home.In that distant time police patrols often avoided reporting to the territory to maintain order and peace in the streets.A young man with a bundle in his hand, walkin

g down the street at night, the police seemed suspicious, and they asked him to go to the police station.Valery's father was glad this - night in mid-January, a large frost.A compartment heat.Reporting duty policemen glad tidings that he had a son, Valery, and treat all shag otogrevshis, Boris S. went home.

weak child

biography hockey player Valery Kharlamov, the world-famous athlete, strikes, because he was born weak child with low weight.This is understandable: the card with poor diet, with little or no vitamins, it was difficult to count on good health.The first time his family lived in a hostel: a large room, divided into four parts, plywood partitions, three families lived.Conditions were spartan, but lived together and have fun.

serious diagnosis

Due to insufficient and monotonous food, is not very favorable living conditions and not the mild climate, Valery Kharlamov, whose biography is surprising the number of ups and downs, often sick.After another angina, occurred in March 1961 and gave complications to other organs, doctors discovered he had a heart defect, and forbade the boy any physical activity, including all sports, visiting physical education at school and in the summer - summer camp.Even swimming was banned.

Introduction to hockey

Despite the warnings of doctors that if you exercise Valeri Kharlamov, whose biography is thus closely connected with the sport, can die, the summer of 1962 my father, who himself was fond of the game of hockey, took him to summerrink, just opened on Leningradsky Prospekt.While the time was set boys (one year younger Valeri) in section Hockey.Valery was naturally small stature and frail, so no one thought it could be a year older than the guys, who were then taken.He, like several other boys took the second coach of CSKA Moscow, Boris Pavlovich Kulagin.And when it was discovered that Valery wrong age, it was too late to deduct it because he his perseverance and hard work managed to win the sympathy and trust of the coaches.Since then, hockey has become firmly established in the life of Valery, and all other subordinate his life training regime.

School CSKA

fourteen Valery has become successfully engaged in hockey school CSKA, but with nineteen - in the first team squad.Kharlamov different persistence, stubborn character, the will to win.He always tried to achieve good results, never complained and whined.And I could not help but cry when he was physically painful, but when the judge first sent him off for two minutes, and he had to leave the team in the minority to fight with rivals.

Chebarkul "Star"

in a relatively short period of Kharlamov was one of the best players in junior sports school CSKA.But CSKA head coach Anatoli Tarasov did not have high hopes for Valeria.For the most part because of his small stature.At that time, all of the known world champions in hockey, including the legendary Canadian athletes were significantly higher and more powerful.Because of this hockey Kharlamov in 1966 was sent to the second league in the army command Sverdlovsk Military District - Chebarkul "stars."But as we know, all the talent will find its way.As Chebarkul there and playing as a team, pervorazryadnik Kharlamov was able to score in the opponents' goal in a single season 34 goals.

By coach about his success and Moscow learned coaches.In the spring of 1967 Kulagin went to the city of Kalinin, where the team played Kharlamov, and personally witnessed the success of the young athlete.It only remained to convince the great Tarasova translate talented athlete in the main part of CSKA, as he continued to question the wisdom of such a step.In the summer of 1967 it was possible, and 19-year-old hockey player Valery Kharlamov was back in Moscow, where he was with the team was sent to the training base in the city Kudeptstu.

birth of the legendary trio

consequence of this was that CSKA, for which he played hockey player Valery Kharlamov, in the championship of the country's 1967-1968 became the champion.At the same time, there is a famous hockey trio Mikhailov-Petrov, Kharlamov, which included Valery reached the highest results.Three power applied style and knew how to interact in the game, the team sought the best results.Himself Kharlamov in 1969, twenty years old, became the youngest world champion of the Soviet Union.Valery was able to beautifully play than conquered and fascinated millions of fans.Goalkeepers were trembling when he went out on the ice, and the audience admired his game rapidly.

best team player

In 1971, Kharlamov was the best scorer, scoring 40 goals opponents' goal, and in 1972 - the best player of the tournament in the USSR national team, scoring 9 goals.In the same year it was won Olympic gold.Since that time, Valery was considered the best hockey player in Europe, becoming the champion of the Soviet Union four times, three times world champion and European champion twice.In the autumn he went with the team to conquer North America.

"Invincible" Canadians

At this time, in September 1972, on the ice of the Montreal "Forum" began a series of matches between the USSR and Canada.Residents of the North American continent for a single moment did not doubt that in all eight games will win the victory of their compatriots, and with a huge gap.And what a surprise it was when the first match of the Soviet hockey players won with the score 7: 3.It was a shock for Canadian players.Kharlamov and immediately caused a stir with its unique style of game and scored two goals, called later masterpieces.After that he was unconditionally recognized as the best player of the Soviet team.Valery has become one of the key players on the team of the USSR.This led to the fact that after the match he was asked to go to the Canadian team for this promising a million dollars.Kharlamov tried to laugh it off, saying that without his trio will not go anywhere.Canadians do not understand the joke, and agreed to take all three players, including Petrov and Mikhailov.But there was a time - the players remained in their former team.

Recognition Professionals

Canadian large and powerful players especially angered and surprised Valery, as it was significantly less growth and more frail.They are together called him "baby" and genuinely surprised his resourcefulness and perseverance.But they recognized his skill and talent - from all European players, he became the first and only whose portrait hangs on the stand of the Museum of Fame hockey in Toronto.

course, Kharlamov and his native country was the most favorite hockey player - admired even fans of other teams.

fateful meeting

One evening, the guys from the hockey team, including Valery Kharlamov, went to a local restaurant to celebrate another victory.In the room next to the restaurant walking young company - we celebrated the birthday of one of the girls.When the music began, the players began to invite women from the company to dance.Kharlamov and invited the girl, whose name was Irina.She took the young low-haired guy in his cap for the driver of the car, a taxi driver, but still agreed to dance.Valery whole evening did not leave Irina, and at the end offered to drive her home by car.Irina has established itself in its assumption about the occupation of Valery, settling into a new "Volga" with the number of 00-17 IMB.

House, as befits a decent girl, she told her mom Nina Vasilyevna.Nina skeptical and distrust to a new friend's daughter and wanted to follow him to see what he is like.Irina for several weeks met Kharlamov, when my mother persuaded her to show him even from afar.But this time it was not possible to meet.And when Nina found out who the knight of her daughter, she calmed down a bit - still not certain the driver and well-known athlete.

birth of first child in 1976, was born the son of Valery Kharlamov and Irene.He was named Alexander, in the future it will follow the footsteps of his father.A little later the couple had a daughter Begonita.At the same time, Valery became a six-time world champion and two-time Olympic champion.

surprising that celebrity parents still never met with his daughter and grandson have not seen, but it has not been officially presented to my mother Irene, despite the fact that young people have lived together for so long.At friends intervened couples, and once on the eighth of March Valery Kharlamov's son, and Irina were their efforts to Valery parents to explore.After that, Valery went to his mother Irene for the official presentation.


the spring of this year, Valery Kharlamov and his wife were in a car accident.The accident occurred in May.On the eve of Irina called Nina Vasilyevna and asked her to sit with the baby, while they take a trip to visit.But when the appointed hour Nina did not wait for the call, I thought that the nurse pobudet someone else.Only after some time she learned from mutual friends that Valery and Irina broke into the car.They were driving home late at night, and Valery lost control of the car.The car was shattered, and not subject to recovery.Valery suffered multiple fractures of legs, ribs and a concussion.The wife of Valery Kharlamov also received injuries.But helped by the fact that the witnesses of the accident immediately called "ambulance" and victims immediately taken to the hospital.

Two months athlete was in the hospital, before making the first independent step after an illness.Children Valery Kharlamov during this time were under the care of his mother.Teammates were taken to the chamber simulator, so that he could train and maintain muscle tone.Doctors gave disappointing forecasts and doubted whether he could walk normally, not to mention the game.This was in August.In late autumn of the same year Kharlamov back out on the ice.And six months after the accident began to fully train.

spite all forecasts

There were a lot of skeptics as to whether to become a player Kharlamov previous level.But, despite the disappointing predictions of doctors and their recommendations to forget about hockey, Valery did the impossible - he was in the first game with the "Wings of the Soviets" showed his high class.And in 1977, the team of CSKA hockey Kharlamov was the seven-time champion of the USSR, and was still one of the best strikers.Throughout his fifteen-year career, he played in 438 games for the club CSKA and scored 293 goals.123 games have been played for the USSR national team at the world championships and Olympic Games, and it scored 89 goals.

While rumors of the strict nature of coach Anatoly Tarasov and iron discipline in the training of the famous club.But new coach Viktor Tikhonov, who joined the club in 1977, dispelled them, saying that there was not any discipline, even the most basic in terms of the demands made in the sport.Just all in good faith and responsible attitude to their duties and training.And in case of need able to show heroism.

untimely loss

August 26, 1981 on the Leningrad Highway died Valery Kharlamov.The accident occurred when the vehicle was driving his wife Irina.She, too, died a few hours later in hospital.Valery Kharlamov's death was a tragedy for millions of his fans.Together with family and friends mourned millions of admirers of his talent in the world.And children Valery Kharlamov from now raised by his parents.Until now, they are actively invited to various transmission - to talk about his legendary father.

Funeral Valery Kharlamov was held a few days at Kuntsevo Cemetery.Ten years later, at the site of his death a monument.

Starry legend of Russian and world hockey - Valery Kharlamov it.A film about his life, success and fame was released in 2013.His name, many sports facilities.