Tent or tourist tent?

Tent - a simple and effective human invention, which he uses throughout its history.Not lost its popularity it now.Hide from the sun and rain machine, a picnic, do shed light - all of which can tilt.But do modern tourist tourism tent, where the weight and quality of tents almost reached its perfection?Try to understand.

tent or awning?

Shelter in field conditions, by definition, should serve as protection against rain, wind, cold, insects and animals.From all the above tourism real protection awning can only sun and relatively rain.On the use of it in the cold season is not out of the question.It turns out that the tent is superior on all counts tourist tent, picnic - this is the only case to justify the application.But not all so simple.It has an awning and benefits, which should not be forgotten.It is lightweight with a large area of ​​the covered and no such thing as a condensate.How do I use it?

very simple - as a field kitchen.Indeed, in bad weather to prepare the food comes in a tent o

r vestibule.This automatically leads to the fact that the tent gets wet inside from condensation.And this is the case, if available gas or gasoline burner: a fire in the tent, of course, not razozhzhёsh.Tourist tent, on the contrary, makes it easy to organize a mobile kitchen, and even a campfire, and its installation is reasonable not only protect from the rain, but the wind.No less useful or even indispensable, he will be at the halts, when there is no sense to put a tent on a short stop, a shelter from the rain and wind should be.From this it is clear that the tourist tent - a tent is not a competitor, he is a great addition to it.And if two people extra weight in one or one and a half kilogram will clearly superfluous, even for the groups of three or more tourists can be recommended as mandatory equipment tent.

correct choice

equipment manufacturers in a large assortment now offer tourist tents and tents, and inexperienced person easy to get lost in this diversity.In order not to make a mistake when choosing, you should clearly understand what it is you need.As already mentioned, the dignity of the tourist tent in its lightness and a considerable area.But both of these qualities are in a conflict between them, because a large area means greater weight.Reduction of the latter is possible only through the use of cutting-edge materials or reducing their strength and water-repellent qualities.If you plan to hike in difficult conditions, when the alleged heavy rainfall and strong winds, the tent should be chosen based on its reliability, and only then look at the weight.This means that travel canopy must have a minimum of seams to be made of modern synthetic materials, its place of attachment to the stretching, should be securely enhanced and streamers themselves are long enough and rugged for installation in any position of the awning.


cheap to buy a good tourist tent is unlikely, and drag on the canvas blanket itself is meaningless.