About how much last hockey game

Regulation hockey fight has its own characteristics.They were formed gradually, over more than two centuries this popular in many countries of the world game.

From the history of ice hockey

Despite the fact that in the works of medieval European painting graphics and images repeatedly occur, in which people play the game is well familiar to us, the birthplace of hockey is considered to be Canada.The question of how many runs a hockey game, few people are worried at the dawn of this sport.People playing hockey for fun and as long as you get bored.But historical sources brought us the date of the first hockey match, it was held March 3, 1875 at the rink "Victoria" in Montreal.And with the start of the official competition was a difference, how long it lasts for a hockey game.The first extant set of rules of the game of hockey was established, accepted and published in 1886.Later hockey game quickly gained popularity during the twentieth century, spread throughout the northern hemisphere.Traditionally,

there were two hockey school - a Canadian and a European.And the competition between them contributed to the development of the sport.Hockey tournament has become one of the main points of the program of the Olympic Winter Games.

duration hockey game

Meanwhile, regulation hockey match was not universal for different countries and parts of the world.In Europe and America at the beginning of the century it is noticeably different.The duration of a hockey game was easy to determine if the game was allowed a draw.In this case, the game consists of three periods of time lasting twenty minutes with two fifteen minute breaks in between.The calculation was made only pure play time, the countdown was made, and a stopwatch stopped when the referee for some reason stopped the game.

game to win

But this practice was acceptable enough for the big tournament with a lot of competition involved teams.A draw matches would lead to a tightening competition indefinitely.In addition, the game begins to lose sharpness and agility.Therefore, the practice of hockey competitions around the world gradually came to the need for a specific game results, revealing the winner of the match.A draw stopped suit and spectators and participants.Accordingly, the answer to the question of how many runs a hockey game, lost the uniqueness.The match was the last to determine the winner.The basis of the rules remained the same three periods of twenty minutes.But if they ended in a draw, the team was offered extra time.An additional period is called overtime.Its duration is ten minutes.He played until the first of goals.In order to sharpen the game, on the field on each side may be four players instead of five.This gives the game a dynamic and changing entrenched tactical build.According to the regulations of the Continental Hockey League, if the additional time did not reveal the winner, the teams continue to sort things out throwing penalty shots - bullets.First three from each team, and continue to win.And in this case only on the final goals depends on how many runs a hockey game.Bullets look impressive, but still in the decisive matches passed without them.

Tournaments playoffs

special poignancy and expressiveness of the game gets to the final stage of the Championship of the Continental Hockey League.This is a game "on the fly", the losing team is eliminated from further participation in the competition.So the answer to the question of how many runs a hockey game in the playoffs, is completely unpredictable.The situation is considerably complicated by the fact that in this part of the tournament regulations preclude holding of free throws.If the extra time did not reveal the winner, then after the break is assigned to another overtime.Their number is not limited.The game will continue until victory.The price of one of goals in the final part of each match can be very high.The game often takes a tough character and prolonged fear of the players make a mistake and give the opponent a chance for the decisive shot.That is why the games in the playoffs can be so exhausting for the players and for the fans.

Record KHL

longest hockey game in the history of the Continental Hockey League held on 21 March 2014 in Prague, in the quarter finals of the playoffs.The game between the teams of "Lion" and "Donbass" ended at 127 minutes victory "Donbass".The match ended in a seventh period with a score of 3: 4.This is to date the ultimate answer to the question about how many minutes lasts for a hockey game.There is no doubt that this record is sure to be surpassed.But when it happens - you can only guess.