How to choose the size of the bicycle frame?

Buying a bike - a great event, but not to be trapped?Frame for a bicycle should fit perfectly the future owner, or the pleasure and benefits of biking is not enough.In addition, properly chosen frame can bring harm.What you need to know before buying a bicycle to a two-wheeled friend brought only joy?

How to choose the size of the bicycle frame?

All popular bike manufacturers have all sizes of frames for all models.Thus, you can choose a bike for your height of the range.The main and most important parameter for the choice of the bicycle frame is a growth.Typically, the amount coated on its vertical tube on which the saddle is mounted.Indicates either inches (13 to 23), or letters (S, M, L, XL) or centimeters (34 to 58).Please be aware that manufacturers often use different systems to measure the size of the frame, which is why the question of how to choose the size of the bicycle frame, so relevant.This largely depends on the geometry of the frame, which is markedly different in different companie


How to choose a bicycle frame: practical advice

necessary to understand how important it is to take into account the individual characteristics of the cyclist.Error one size will not be a big problem, as it can be solved by adjusting the seat and the steering wheel.Certainly, it is better if the frame is a little less, then you can simply lift the seat, and on some models - push, and change the length of the stem.We can tell you how to choose the size of the bicycle frame in another way, which does not need to know any table size or its growth.For this you need a bike and even surface.Place the bike Mezhuyev feet: the distance that is formed between the crotch and the top tube should be equal to the width of the palm of your hand, that is - 5-10 cm. Perhaps this is the most reliable way to select the frame with classical geometry.You should know that there is such a thing as a female frame: its geometry is different from the classical, in addition, they usually establish a special seat - they are made taking into account the characteristics of the female physiology.

As calculated the size of the frame?

to understand on what basis the recommendations, let's look at how calculated size.As we have said, among the producers of bicycles is no unity, so the question "how to choose the size of the bicycle frame" is very relevant.Each manufacturer defines its own way.For example, one can measure the distance between the center of the carriage and the top tube.Or the distance between the middle of the carriage and the end of the seat tube.You can restrict measurements of the seat tube.There is a method in which the distance is measured from the top to the bottom of the seat tube, and so on.. Sometimes manufacturers indicate which way they measure the frame.In any case, it can be concluded that the parameter is the frame size is very inaccurate, and no specific recommendations one can not give.The best way - individual selection of a consultant sports shop.