Ice whether he or Where is the birthplace of hockey?

Hockey - a game with a very rich history, whose origins are lost somewhere in the depths of time.It is believed that this game, like many others, came up with the shepherds.Homeland hockey is unknown, since the sources give very different information.But most experts agree that the prototype of this exciting game were the variety of entertainment on the grass with the ball.If you try to track mentions of this game by country, it turns out a very interesting picture, but first things first.

history of the game

Hockey was known to the ancient Greeks and their homeland, he was very popular.This fact is documented - archaeologists have found and confirmed the image of hockey players on the bas-relief wall of Themistocles.Some scientists even believe that the very name of the game comes from the ancient Greek name of shepherd's hook sticks - "hoke."

It is believed that the birthplace of hockey with a ball - it is the Netherlands, since it is in the country was recorded the first mention of it.A coup

le of centuries later, in the country and there was ice hockey.All these facts are documented and immortalized in the works of some famous scientists and artists.An example is the painting "Portrait of a hockey player in" Romeyko Huge.It should be noted that the Netherlands can be considered as the birthplace of ice hockey, as local climatic conditions are very favorable for winter sports.

In the seventeenth-eighteenth centuries was almost zbyt hockey.In a few people I play because of the constant wars, which at that time was torn Europe.But the game waited for his moment of glory - in the second half of the nineteenth century was a popular English version of the game - "bendy".Thus, the good old England, too, has declared itself as the birthplace of hockey.

Canada - the birthplace of hockey

In Canada, hockey is extremely popular - there is no doubt, the national sport, that's why in our chronicles the history of the game, we decided to highlight this northern country.Many believe that it is Canada - is the historical birthplace of hockey, but in fact it is not.

all started quite recently, namely in 1860, when it was sent to the northern English Infantry Regiment, which served to drive a lot of fans of "bendy" in his spare time.On weekends and holidays these brave soldiers of organized sports battles, and the local population were infected more sports fever.Especially interesting is to observe local students.Learn how to play and learn its simple rules, the guys created a team and started to enjoy the game.In the future, their heads came a bright idea - to include a program of university hockey in competition - thus they began the golden era of hockey.Canadian hockey players are considered to be the best in the world.

Without papers you're a gnat, and a piece of paper - the official game

In 1860, a historical event happened in the world of hockey - was issued a uniform set of rules.It is difficult to underestimate the charm of this event, which has made it possible to hold official championships, to establish federations and certify players.Already in 1890 it was created the Canadian Hockey Association, bringing together all the clubs of the country.By the beginning of the new century, the country had more than fifty clubs.Here and there the American birthplace of hockey.

Stanley Cup

The then Governor of Canada in order to support people's interest in sport, in 1883, established the Stanley Cup - a prize winner of the championship of Canadian hockey.In those bright times for the Cup could posrazhatsya everyone, but then there was a division in the athletes amateurs and professionals.In 1908 Allan Cup was established for the fans, but it is not widely known outside of Canada.

Soviet hockey

In February 1932 the capital of the Soviet state was visited by German athletes with a friendly match.To his credit, the team was poorly equipped and so spectacular game show could not.The match was very sluggish, and the local press responded coldly about it.

serious development of hockey in the Soviet Union after the war began.Before Soviet specialists got a very important question: "How to develop your school?Implement the Canadian experience, or create their own, but with a zero? ".We chose the second path, fidelity that decision confirmed the further development of hockey.A period of development of the basic concepts of construction techniques training players, improving the technical and athletic training.

also work towards the expansion of international relations - Soviet hockey players have become frequent guests of the training bases in Poland, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Sweden and West Germany.

In 1951 the All-Union Committee for Physical Culture and Sport was approved by the USSR Cup in the discipline "ice hockey".

Thus began the birthplace of Soviet hockey.