What is hockey and what the rules of the game.What is ice hockey and how it differs from hockey

What is hockey?Hockey is a popular sport that can become quite a good view of fitness in the winter.In order to avoid a variety of injuries, players need to purchase all the necessary equipment.Do not forget about the warm-up, which should take place before the start of the game.So is talk in more detail about what is hockey.

What is a sports game?

Hockey is considered the most popular winter sport.This game will appeal to not only adults but also children.At any icy patches, located in the yard, you can see a company that eagerly chasing the puck.Oh, they know exactly what that is ice hockey.

Ice hockey is a sport game (a subspecies of hockey), which is the competition between the two teams.Athletes should throw the puck into the opponent's gate, passing it with sticks.But at the same time we must try to protect their goal.Who will score - and he won.

What do I need to purchase to play?

In order to understand what hockey have to talk about gear.What do I need to purchase to play hockey?

  1. The equipment of the players, which is the field include: putter, bib, skates, helmet, elbow pads, shell that protects the groin from hitting the puck, and various other injuries.You will also need to buy hockey shorts, have a special seal.They can prevent injury in falls and collisions, as well as the impact of the puck.I do not get to do without gloves, shields and sweaters to be worn over bib.
  2. outfit that is needed goalkeeper, contains the following elements: a mask, a trap (gloves, which are designed in such a way that it was possible to catch the puck), dashboards.
  3. In the production of golf clubs used wood or other material.For example, aluminum.Plastic can also be used.
  4. washer diameter reaches 7.62 centimeters.At its manufacturing vulcanized rubber or other material approved by the Federation of hockey.Basically, the color - black.

What rules need to take into account?

So, go to the next question of what is ice hockey.Rules of the game following:

  1. Before you start the game, the manager or the coach himself must give the judge a list, which will include the names and numbers of the athletes taking part in the competition.The list must be specified player who is the captain, and an athlete who is his deputy.Each team can submit a list of at least 20 outfield players and two goalkeepers.Once gameplay starts, to make any change impossible.If the team can not release the ice required number of players in the form, the game stops.This should be reported to the specific instance.
  2. Each team must have a captain and about two alternates.Captain's sign should be applied to the shape of the letter "C".Deputies can be identified by the letter 'A'.The letters must be different from each other.They should reach the height of 8 cm. Only those players will be able to discuss with the judge are certain issues that can appear during gameplay.Captain or deputy can not be the goalkeeper, playing coach or manager.In the event that the master or the substituents on the ice are not, they can get it is by invitation only judge.In the event that all of the players are on the ice, then discuss with the judge any questions can only captain.

These are the basic rules that you need to know to play ice hockey.Naturally, there is still a large number of rules and nuances to be aware of playing a similar game.For example, you can not move the gate.

whether to give a child in hockey section?

Often parents try to find out what children's hockey.They needed to understand whether or not to give her child to the section seized of the sport.In this case, there are both pluses and minuses.For example, ice sports will help the development of the baby, make it stronger, and so on.. But among the downsides can be identified a high risk of injury.However, everyone must make their own choices.

Popularity game Ice Hockey

gained wide popularity in the modern world.Many bookmakers offer bets.Everyone who wants to can also bet on the total.And you can not say that those wanting a little.What is the Total in hockey?This is the total number of points or goals to be achieved by a certain team.

What is the game, which takes place on the grass?

What is hockey, which is not on the ice?Playing on grass is a summer sport, which is included in the list of Olympic sports events.To organize competitions in this game can only Hockey Federation, which is an international organization.

The most popular states have this game in the UK and those countries which are former British colonies - Pakistan, India, Australia.In America and Canada, this type of hockey only addicted girls studying at college or university.

From the history of sports event

What is hockey?This began to think back to ancient Egypt and Greece.Also it carried away the Aztecs and the Japanese.Rules of the game have been invented in England in the early 20th century.Since then, great changes as such was not.

first championship of the sport held in 1971.Since these competitions are held constant.In 1908, hockey became an Olympic sporting event.Among men, the competition were held again in 1908.

In Russia, a similar game became popular sometime in 1960.The first organization dedicated to field hockey, came about in 1967.She became a member of the International Federation.However, in the USSR, this game has not got such a great popularity, which is available for ice hockey.

What rules should you know?

field hockey athletes play, divided into two teams.In each - for 11 people.Duration of one inning is 35 minutes.The break between them is equal to 10 minutes.As with other types of hockey sticks use athletes.Gameplay involves attempts by a club to score the ball in the opposing team.Keep hands or feet can only ball the goalkeeper.Other players such a step is prohibited.

The game takes place on the surfaces of artificial type.The victory is awarded to the group of athletes that will score more goals.If the score is equal, there will be declared a draw, or extra time.The dispute may also be settled by a penalty.

difference between the two sports

These are the basic rules that bears hockey.As you can see, between the above sports, there are enormous differences not only in coverage but also in gear.And these traumatic sport different fall seriously.Hardly anyone would argue with the factor that hockey on ice many times more dangerous than the hockey on grass.


But regardless of the existing differences, in essence the game is very similar.In addition, sport is sport and it is - it needs to be addressed in all its manifestations.Therefore it is necessary only to wish good luck to those people who want to devote his life to hockey.It is not important - the grass they play it or on ice.I hope you now know what ice hockey, and how it differs from the same sport, but on the grass.