Igor Makarov, hockey player: biography, facts of life

Igor Makarov - hockey player, whose biography is rich in a variety of events.This young and promising athlete has seen a lot in his life.Fame he added, and his marriage to a popular host Lera Kudryavtseva, which is much older than Igor.

Igor Makarov - hockey player of the illustrious family

This athlete was born in Moscow, Igor Makarov 09.19.1987 - hockey player, biography and whose fate has always been intertwined with the sport.Not everyone knows that the love of a young boy in the game related to his father.Sergei Makarov - the famous Soviet hockey player who repeatedly became the winner of the Olympic Games and world championships.After the collapse of the USSR, he began to play in the National Hockey League of Canada and the United States.There, he also demonstrated its high performance.In the NHL, he won the Canada Cup.Sergey Makarov, has always supported her son in choosing a sports career.He not only helped him in everyday life, but also shared their experiences, giving professional advi


Career Athlete

in Russia and worldwide sports fans know that Igor Makarov - hockey player.How old is he pleases fans of this game for its outstanding achievements?From 2006 to 2008 he played for SKA St. Petersburg.Due to its highly productive game in 2006, he was selected in the NHL Entry Draft team ¬ęChicago Bledhoks" number 33 in the 2nd round.In 2009-2010.Igor Makarov played in Moscow club "Dynamo".In 2010, the hockey player began to play for a professional American Club "Rockford IceHogs."In the Continental League from 2011 to the present day, he is a player of SKA.

performance and promising Igor Makarov

hockey player, whose biography is in the sport has replenished with new victories, now boasts of its achievements.Year after year, his professionalism is only growing, as evidenced by the results of his game.The Professional Hockey League (PHL), he played 97 matches, scoring 11 goals in them, and made 14 successful transmission, while earning 25 points.In the playoff, he participated in 12 hockey tournament, where his account appeared 3 goals and 1 assist.In those games, he earned another 4 points.

total in the Continental Hockey League, Igor took part in 181 match.However, he managed to score 33 goals and 37 assists to make, while earning 70 points.In the playoffs, Igor marked 3 goals and 6 successful pasami.In them he got 9 points.At the site Igor Makarov holds the position of striker.


hockey player Igor Makarov Height - 185 cm. Weight 87 kg of hockey.He is a citizen of the Russian Federation.At the beginning of his athletic career and a strong young hockey player often involved in clashes between the rivals on the game, for which he received numerous penalties and removed from the site.Over the years he became more diplomatic and relaxed, so in recent years trying to arise at the site to solve conflicts peacefully.Perhaps the behavior of the young and hot striker influenced the meeting with his present wife - Lera Kudryavtseva.

Marriage hockey

Despite his relatively young age, the athlete had already married.Igor Makarov - hockey player, whose biography from 2013 is closely related to the well-known and very popular Russian TV presenter, who starred in many films, Leroy Kudryavtseva.This is quite spectacular and famous lady, born 05/19/1971, at time to visit married to the drummer once popular group "Tender May".In this marriage in 1990, she gave birth to a son, Jean.Lera Kudryavtseva was also married to a Moscow businessman Matthew Morozov (2004-2007 gg.).Almost up to the wedding with Igor Makarov, presenter name associated with the popular Russian singer and actor - Sergey Lazarev, whom she dated from 2008 to 2012.The age difference between them was also significant (12).

Until now, no one knows how Igor Makarov managed to win the heart of a recognized beauty and freedom, but the fact remains: 06/08/2013 Mr. Leroux Kudryavtsev hockey led to the altar.On the lush wedding attended by almost all the metropolitan elite, congratulated the newlyweds luxury gifts.After the great triumph of the newly formed couple went on their honeymoon in Sardinia.

Family Life hockey

Despite the significant age difference, Igor and Lera happily live in Moscow.This presenter is not afraid to change his name Kudryavtseva Makarov.It has been repeatedly said in interviews that fell in love with her future husband almost at first sight, and, despite his age, he wants to have a child.Igor Makarov - hockey player, a photo of which, until recently, most were made during his games, marked with his wife in a photo session, devoted their first wedding night.Black and white pictures of naked newlyweds executed in the best traditions of light erotica.