How many periods in ice hockey

In this game there are millions of fans on both sides of the Atlantic.By popularity, she concedes except football.Rules and regulations of its final shape in the mid-twentieth century.In particular, it is possible to give a short answer to the question of how many periods of hockey.Their three.But it has a number of significant details.

From the history of hockey

It is generally considered to be the birthplace of hockey, Canada.Nobody is going to challenge its primacy, but it should be noted that in some medieval Dutch winter landscapes depicted the game we all love so much.To mix it with anything impossible.Of course, in those ancient times, no one wondered how many periods of hockey.Played likely, until you get bored.But by the early twentieth century, this popular game has experienced a complex evolution and each year are increasingly acquired the traits of professional sports.Without compliance with general rules for all games live it became impossible to continue.It was necessary to develop com

mon rules and, among other things, determine how many periods in hockey is sufficient to determine the winner.Gradually agreed figure 3.

How many periods of hockey now

modern regulations of the hockey game has the same three periods.But the problem here is that in order to determine the winner of their often not enough.And if the third period of regulation time hockey match ends with a draw, extra time judge.Otherwise, it is called "overtime".In the regular season Continental Hockey League, according to the regulations, a draw can not be.And if overtime does not reveal the winner, the teams exchanged free kick shootout.Before the victory of one of the teams.To understand the game is essential and yet how much lasts a period of hockey.Its duration is 20 minutes "pure" time.This means that when the game is stopped for some reason, and this occurs over a period often enough, at the same time stops and the stopwatch measuring time gaming.Break for rest between periods of 15 minutes.

Play offs

But the interesting thing is happening in the final part of the championship, otherwise known as "the quarter-finals."At this stage of the game it escalates and becomes extremely dynamic.The outcome of it is often quite unpredictable.No shootout at the end of the match is not the case.In the finals it becomes irrelevant question: "How many periods in hockey?"If the three periods of normal time did not reveal the winner, then the number becomes unlimited.The game continues until the first of goals.And in some cases it is delayed very long.The longest in the history of the Continental Hockey League match was held between teams of "Severstal" and "Locomotive" February 25, 2013.It ended in the 119th minute victory "Severstal" with a score of 3: 2.And it is safe to predict that this record will not last long.