Stanley Cup of Russia

Hockey is one of the most popular shows and entertainment, despite the fact that it is exclusively a winter sport.The best-known and famous hockey league is the ocean.National Hockey League (NHL), in which thirty-play teams composed exclusively of high quality players, collected all over the world, it is an integral part of this annual celebration of American sports.Stanley Cup, the most prestigious trophy, the players are known star with seven-digit salaries and contracts for millions of dollars.Stanley Cup gets a team, which was able to not only take 1 to 8 in their conference in the regular season, but the last four stage of "play-off matches."

Unlike our players, sometimes showing "stunning" play Russian hockey players are very much appreciated in the West.For example, Alexander Ovechkin, the first number draft pick in 2004, one of the leaders of the Russian hockey team became last season's top scorer.

Russian winner of the Stanley Cup - it's not only the players, fighting to the last drop of b

lood on the ice, but also coaches.Over the past 15 years, three Russians were able to lead their clubs to the main transatlantic hockey trophy.At the beginning of this century, Vyacheslav Fetisov and Vladimir Bure, as coaches, "New Jersey Devils" were not only able to create a balanced team that won 45 victories in the "regular season", but also to win the series "playoff" in "Dallas Stars" with4-2.Three years later, Stanley Cup winner from New Jersey again win the playoffs, led by Vladimir Bure.At this time in the final, it was defeated "Mighty Ducks" of Anaheim 4-3.

Last Russian players were able to win the final of the playoffs before last season.In 2012, the hot California after losing their basketball favorites "Los Angeles Lakers" have pleased local players from the club "Kings".Coming from eighth place in the regular season, the future Stanley Cup showed an incredible defense, notably the goalkeeper "kings" Quik.The structure of "Los Angeles Kings" included two Russian hockey player Andrei Loktionov and Vyacheslav Voinov.As part of the other finalists - "New Jersey Devils" - his first and last championship could take Ilya Kovalchuk.At the moment, the player left the NHL.Stanley Cup of Russia - 38 players.He won three finals Sergei Fedorov, who holds the record among our players.Vyacheslav Fetisov became the winner of the National Hockey League, not only as a coach.For two consecutive years, beginning in 1997, the Russian sports legend in the "Detroit Red Wings" won a victory in one of the most prestigious sports series in the world.

As for the future Russian champions, it is actively discussed figure of Alexander Ovechkin, the player "Washington Capitals", which is a great game for more than one season in the regular season.We hope that soon the rating of "Stanley Cup" filled up a dozen Russian athletes and our current team will come new talents.