Stanley Cup, and his difficult fate

unlikely that there are players who do not want to ever try your hand in the NHL.In turn, among the players acting in the North American championship, not find one who does not dream to win such a trophy as the Stanley Cup, and make a few sips of champagne out of it.Amazing in this nothing, because in the hockey world he has for more than a hundred years, is considered the most prestigious award.At the same time, it is understandable why the most exciting in the world of hockey - NHL quarter-finals and the final.

Trophy as a heavy bowl was he named in honor of the governor of Lord Stanley of Preston, who in 1888 - 1893 was the representative of the British Queen in Canada.The officer fell in love with a new, previously unknown game that looked like something adapted to local conditions football.Moreover, being a betting man, he made a proposal to the annual awarding of the best Canadian hockey team.According to different sources, the cup for this purpose was acquired in about 50 Canadian dollars not i

n London, not in Sheffield.Stanley Cup was originally a silver cup with gold lines on the edges, about 20 centimeters in diameter, mounted on a platform made of ebony.Some time later, the players brought the tradition that the winners began to engrave their names on the trophy.As a result, very quickly free space on it is no more, and therefore it was decided to add additional rings of silver.Thus, the height of the Stanley Cup was 90 cm, and weight - 14.5 kg.

about ten months after the founding of the cup, the Lord was withdrawn queen at home, so to see at least a few matches of the tournament, he had not succeeded.An interesting fact about the trophy is in his first year he did not get the owner.It so happened that on the instructions of the founder to determine the winner of the award was appointed a special match between the "Ottawa", which was the reigning champion of the season, and "Toronto", which is the oldest in Canada.The game was to be held on the second floor, however, representatives of the "Ottawa" this course of events did not accept and they refused, so that the Stanley Cup was "an orphan."Only March 22, 1894 was determined by the first holder of the trophy.In a spectacular match, which brought unprecedented at the time the audience of five thousand spectators, "Montreal" won with a score of 3-2, "Ottawa."

Since then the competition began to take place annually.More than seventy years since the foundation awards the trophy was replaced.The fact that there was the likelihood that the action time of the bowl can simply fall apart, and therefore the decision to manufacture its duplicate.This work brilliantly performed Carl Petersen, who worked jeweler.A copy was done so skillfully and accurately, several ice consecutive even the experts had no idea that it's not the original Stanley Cup.Until now, the role of the most popular hockey trophy does exactly petersenovsky option, while the first cup can be seen in the Canadian city of Toronto, the Hockey Hall of Fame.