Technique skating for beginners.

Before we tell you how to slow skating, consider the whole technique of skiing itself, knowledge of which is useful novice hockey players and figure skaters.

If you are not sure that you can learn all the wisdom of riding without the help of professional and noticeably shy, being on the ice, you can help class coach - individual or group.For those who want to learn the basics of skating on their own, be sure to familiarize yourself with the following tips.

If machinery skating on asphalt you already know, the best thing is to forget it.Now you will also leave in the depths of his soul a feeling of tightness, which is inherent to each newcomer, that went out on the ice in front of a professional guys.Holding on to the ledge, step onto the ice and join the legs, so that they in different directions are not leaving.Wait quietly for several minutes.

For the initial need to push the sliding edge of the ridge, in a timely manner and straighten the knee bent supporting leg and transferring weight to the

other leg.The main thing now - to understand what exercise does not need to push the toe and the edge.

skates for beginners, however, have a more complicated aspect, rather than sliding.It is very important to learn to slow down.Let's learn how to do it.

as a brake on skates: Method 1

Sit one, sliding, leg, and a second, free, carry forward.In this rear part abuts the ice skate.Often, even after a slight acceleration before you stop the movement, we have to travel 3-6 meters.But this method has its advantages and - a newcomer will not have to do any complicated movements.

as a brake on skates: Method 2

This method is reminiscent of the previous slow down.The only difference is that the free foot, you do not carry forward and retracted to scrape ice skate teeth.This will help you to slow down and to stop.But it is worth remembering that this is figure skates have serrations on the blades, but on hockey, alas, they are not provided.

as a brake on skates: Method 3

This method is called "plow" and he borrowed skiers.Sit down on both legs, pressing on the heel and front part of both skates sblizte slowly at first, and then do it more sharply.

braking skating: Mode 4

point the right leg to the left at an angle of approximately 50 degrees.At the same time pushing the limb with such force that there was friction skate on the ice surface.The body is slightly tilted back and sit down to the center of gravity has shifted down and back, otherwise the inertia force you to toss ahead.

braking skating: 5

the way the body and both skates sharp turn by 90 degrees with respect to the motion path.At the same time, tilt the body back and forcefully push on skates like going to cut the ice.The higher your speed, the lower must bend.Pay special attention to control balance.

braking skating: 6

method This method is called "semi-circle".During sliding knock out one leg forward, press the inside edge, trying to put the free leg so that it was at an angle of 90 degrees to the base.You will pass another about half a meter before stopping.

braking skating: 7

method This method is recognized as one of the simplest skaters.True, to master them will take time.Transfer the body weight from one ridge to another, and click on the very edge, so you can do almost instant stop.

Do not think that these methods of braking arsenal skater exhausted.During the training you will gain the necessary practical experience and soon will be able to in different ways (depending on the speed, the situation) to stop skating.