Eclipse - the biggest yacht Abramovich

Eclipse - the largest private yacht in the world.And the translation of the name in Russian (Eclipse) is quite confirms this.But most of the ship called "Abramovich's yacht", as it was done on purpose by order of the famous billionaire.The first launching took place in Hamburg in mid-2009.Dimensions vessel is truly fantastic: 170 meters long and 22 meters wide.

facilities and protection

Abramovich's yacht is equipped with a 9 th decks, 2 helipads, 4 pleasure boats, scooters 20th and 12th local submarine.Equally unique reliability of the design and protective qualities.Eclipse has a special anti-missile defense system, cutting-edge motion sensors, satellite systems and bulletproof glass.In addition, it has a laser protection, letting the light rays, preventing intrusive paparazzi and observers.Therefore it is very difficult to take a picture of Abramovich yacht inside and outside the vessel.At the highest level, and the cultural aspect of the equipment.Abramovich's yacht is equipped with an exhibit

ion hall, a cinema, a theater stage and a stylish disco club.In addition, the ship has a gym, 3 dining rooms, a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub, an aquarium, pool and even a medical clinic.But that's not all that can hit the yacht Abramovich, whose photographs are full of luxury magazines.Inside the vessel is well-maintained wine cellar, to create the necessary level of humidity and temperature for the fine wines and other alcoholic beverages.Cook two dishes are prepared for visitors to the yacht and its owner only exclusive dishes.There are separate rooms for staff, designed for 100 people.This is the crew, bodyguards, drivers and other servants.Admiral's cabin area of ​​500 square meters.m. The stage is equipped with a grand piano, and guest suites can accommodate up to 30 people.The 56-meter deck yacht owner sliding roof is equipped with a system allowing to contemplate the beauty of heaven.According to recent reports, the yacht Abramovich worth nearly half a million euros.

Past acquisitions

Actually Eclipse - this is the 8th yacht businessman.Briefly describe the previous seven.The first two boats (one million dollars each) Abramovich bought Berezovsky in 1999, but they are little known.In 2002, the businessman bought a couple of new yachts: Sussuro and Le Grand Bleu.Later, he sold the first and the second gave business partners Shvidler.The reason for such a gift was to help in the purchase of the club "Chelsea".In 2003, for one customer from the Emirates was built yacht Pelorus with two engines of 5300 liters.from.Roman Abramovich has bought it for nearly $ 130 million.Without refueling ship could take about 10 000 km.By functional it was very similar to Eclipse.2004 was marked by the purchase Ecstasea with 4 diesel engines and gas turbine from General Electric.This installation run water cannon, which pushed the boat and let it reach a top speed (66 km / h).

in 2009 in Germany for the business completed the 115-meter expedition vessel Luna.On it, you can go on a long journey, not really worrying about fuel and food.Now in the possession of two billionaire yachts: Luna and described in this article Eclipse.