SWAT weapons hit without a miss

About GRU legendary.They say that they are a small team to capture the city and hold it until the main forces.Another area of ​​special forces - is a counter-terrorism and peacekeeping operations.Third - the release of hostages.There are dozens of activities of special forces.These guys know how to discreetly approach to any object and perform a task with minimal losses among military personnel and hostages.On them is sometimes reported in the media without a detailed story about the decisions and concrete actions, and on the SWAT weapons are silent at all.

Brief History of Special Forces

Special Forces in a separate appearance recently.Officially, in our country they were created in 1950 (GRU).In fact, some teams existed before.For example, in the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas' Forty-Five "is an example of the creation of force designed to protect the secret of the king and the special missions.And these groups before their overlords were secretly conducting certain operations.In the army o

f Genghis Khan had a group of intelligence, which carried out raids deep into the camp of the enemy, fishing secrets.In his historical novel "Genghis Khan" V. Yang describes in detail the formation of special forces units, contributing to the rapid conquest of Asia and Eastern Europe.Denis Davydov - the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812 - also commanded a detachment performing the role of special forces.His main weapon detachment of special forces - a sword, dealing slashing and thrusting, pistol or shotgun are less effective in the fleeting duel.From mid-September to November and the road from Smolensk to Moscow was completely paralyzed by these hussars.Neither convoy with food and weapons never reached Napoleon expected additional supply from Europe.Runners disappeared without a trace on the old Smolensk road.

The armed commandos

SWAT weapons include anything that can be used to destroy the enemy.First of all firearms open and concealed carry.Its production engaged in several specialized KB, which is not only development, but also testing different possible situations of use.SWAT weapons Russia is considered one of the best in the world.For example, in a number of operations used sniper rifles, hit the target at a distance of over 2 km away!Such a measure aimed fire could not repeat even the soldiers of the Mossad (Israel) who are considered to be among the best in the world.Work on the creation of special weapons are not published, but it really is created in all armies of the world.Among the commandos themselves there is a belief: "If guns thundered, the operation failed."In fact, military operations by the thunder of fire suggests panic in the camp of the enemy, and in conducting covert action it must be silent and be used only in critical situations.

Cold Steel Special Forces

Destroy the enemy can and bare hands, it is important to know how and where to strike.Weapons that do not use the power of burning or explosion, it is considered cold.He was treated knives (knives, daggers, stilettos), shovels, axes, throwing arrows and javelins, shuriken, nunchaku and others. Mankind has invented many ways to destroy a variety of their own kind, that list everything that can kill almost impossible.How to find the soldiers and destroy the enemy can be a ballpoint pen, and hairpins.SWAT weapons is very diverse.In the hands of an experienced fighter any object becomes dangerous.Of course, there are purpose knives, which if necessary can hit the enemy at a distance.Special training sought original ways of throwing, striking when flying object is not rotating.He is sent to the target falls, then paralyzes or kills the enemy.Visually, sometimes difficult to understand that there is in the hands of SWAT weapons.