Automatic "Schmeisser" - weapons eastern campaign

So it has historically (thanks to the Soviet cinema) that the machine "Schmeisser", also known as MR-40, became as integral symbol "blond beast," as his opposite PCA Soviet liberators.This myth is strongly supported and cultivated during the postwar decades.In fact, the machine "Schmeisser" never was neither the mass nor the most popular weapon of the Wehrmacht in World War II.Moreover, the talented German designer Hugo Schmeisser had nothing to do with the creation of the MR-40.Being an engineer weapons firm "Haenel" he created earlier models - MP-18 and MP-28.A Machine "Schmeisser" - a colloquial collective name of all modifications of the submachine gun.

As with so many other areas of applied mechanics, the German designers have always been on the leading roles in the world in creating new types of light infantry weapons.Until now it accepted that it is in Germany were able to develop and build the first mass production of this revolutionary small arms as sub-machine guns.A start was made even 19

17, when a little-known at the time the designer Hugo Schmeisser was created the world's first sample of such small arms - MP-18.After a few minor improvements it entered into mass production.To the surprise of its design was so successful that the machine "Schmeisser" remained in service until 1928, the year.The only significant and large enough improvement MR-18 can be considered as replace the original drum magazine with a spiral type feeding in the box-holder.

German Machine "Schmeiser" was the most revolutionary in Small Arms of the First World.And the end of its mass production put the defeat in the war and the subsequent signing of the Treaty of Versailles.Any subsequent modification of this submachine gun the Germans were forced to masquerade as a police weapon.And with the coming to power of the F├╝hrer of the German people Machine "Schmeisser" got a new life.MP-38 and MP-40, so well known to us from the Soviet feature films about the war, the weapons were developed on the company "Erma" with the direct participation of its director B. Geynelya and talented designer Volmer.MR-38 or "Schmeisser" - machine whose specifications are the result of the secret weapons of improving technology for two decades.

It took into account the experience of the bloody Spanish war.Mechanics MP-38 was built on the principle of free recoil of the bolt, and a sufficiently large mass would not allow him to shake when shooting, so that it exhibits excellent stability.Other advantages of this submachine gun is its simplified design in the successful arrangement and design of the case, as well as plastic or aluminum elements of the forearm and arm.In addition, the changes undergone automatic trigger mechanism, previously only permitted to conduct continuous fire.

Now some reduction rate of fire and can fire single shots.MR-38 was equipped with a folding butt framework that made the weapon more compact and easy to handle.This has contributed to its rapid spread among tankers and airborne divisions.And the next model - the MR-40, which has already become direct weapons eastern campaign, has undergone some changes with a view to further reduce the cost of its production and design simplification.Many of the details, especially in the protracted war in the east, were made using the stamping and welding operations.From structural innovations can be distinguished body flattened shutter boxes, handle change and strengthening the walls of the charge store.

result was a weapon combines the simplicity of its design and its vitality and strength with ease of service in difficult field conditions.MR-40 can rightly be considered one of the most successful submachine gun World War II.But the confusion in names began when in the hands of partisans began to get real "Schmeisser", ie older models that were often armed in the rear units of the Wehrmacht.In addition, Hugo Schmeisser constructed in 1941 is not the best MP-41, on which stood the stigma of "patent Schmeiser" and which resembles the MP-40.

During the war years was released about thirty thousand copies of the MP-41.Perhaps, thanks to this model, all German submachine gun in western literature became known as "Schmeisser".And this error quickly spread to domestic and publications.