Adult tricycle - what is it and where can I buy it

It would seem, well, what adult does not know how to ride a bike?And yet, such precedents exist.Well, there was a person the opportunity to learn this at an early age!A respectable age, hardly anyone would want to go bruised so bruised.If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not despair!There is an exit.You will be ... a tricycle.Adult!Buy it will not be difficult.But let's about everything in order.

When people first hear about such a vehicle, immediately raises the question: what kind of monster "on three wheels" and what are its characteristics?

adult tricycle designed for a certain circle of people.Already from the name it becomes clear that it is operated mainly adults, who as a child never learned to ride a conventional bike.It is convenient for the elderly or obese people, as well as for persons with disabilities.What is the advantage of this type of two-wheeled vehicle in front of fellow?The answer is simple: The special design allows any person with no experience riding a two-wheel

ed vehicle, in an instant become a first-class cyclist.This is facilitated by the following features of said unit:

  1. additional third wheel, which eliminates the possibility of a fall.Thus, adult tricycle is very easy to operate: the owner can not worry about what he can not keep his balance.
  2. Wide seat with backrest for a comfortable ride.This part allows to travel longer distances, while the cyclist is not suffering from a long stay in a tense posture.
  3. saddle shifted to the bicycle front fork, which ensures the correct vertical landing and a small load on the hands.
  4. adult tricycle is equipped with front-wheel drive.This significantly improves the security and manageability ezdy.Iskhodya of the above, we can safely say that the design of this machine is optimally suited for most adults, for various reasons, are not able to manage two-wheeled vehicle.

If you are interested in this vehicle, and you decide to buy it, you should pay attention to the following points.

1. Comfortable fit.While walking on a bike, you need to feel comfortable.Inspect the unit for stability without auxiliary materials.Ask payload was chosen by a vehicle.Pick a bicycle that can withstand your weight.

2. Brakes.When selecting said vehicle necessary to pay particular attention to the quality of the brakes.Especially if you use this transport will be people with disabilities.Maximum quality brake - a guarantee of their safety and comfort.

3. The weight of the vehicle.It is advisable to ask the weight of the selected bike.It is possible that you will have to pick it up, move or transport.And not in the car and himself.After all, no one is immune damage.

Now let's talk about where to buy an adult tricycle.It all depends on where you live and your financial capabilities.

If you live in a major city, the best option is to buy a vehicle from a retailer with a large assortment.If such a course is available in your locality.In this case, you have the opportunity to personally experience the quality of products and choose the bike to your taste and abilities.Unfortunately, this option is not always suitable, as these vehicles are not popular in Russia.

That's why you can place your order through the online store.The advantages of this method include the price and warranty options.However, it should be understood that this method of buying can be tantamount to the acquisition of a cat in a bag.

third option.If you're lucky, the announcement of such a sale may be published in a local newspaper.

To sum up, we can safely say that an adult tricycle - Good deal for the people, because of certain circumstances, not knowing how to manage the familiar two-wheeled machine, but striving for an active and healthy life.