How to choose a stun gun?

Now on sale there is a huge amount of stun completely different shapes and sizes.They are so many that when shopping simply dazzled, and it is difficult to make a particular choice.Before you buy be sure to pay attention to the article listed in the criteria.And then you will know how to choose the Taser.

alleged use

This is one of the most important criteria in such matters as the choice of stun.We need to know exactly for what purpose and for whom it is purchased.It is clear that all is not provided, but the highlights are usually clear in advance: shocker bought for a woman or a man, for the taxi driver or the guard to walk at night, or to protect the house.


shocker good life should not be too tiny.Products having an elongated handle, give the advantage in the race.So, when you'll wonder, "how to choose the Taser" acknowledge this feature.


How to choose a stun gun in appearance?The answer to this question depends on your lifestyle.If you need an option fits in your pocke

t, you have a model the size of a pack of cigarettes.If the device is not to attract attention, suitable shockers in the form of a tube of lipstick, a flashlight or phone.Products in the form of clubs usually get protection apartments and houses.Also, they use the police, railroad workers, truck drivers, security guards and taxi drivers.


Taser can be either on the battery or on the battery.Much difference between them.Simply, if you have purchased a model with a battery, do not forget to charge it regularly.If the shocker with battery - you can forget about charging for the next six months (one year).


Here everything is simple: the higher the voltage, the faster you can immobilize the enemy.In addition, more powerful models are able to penetrate even thick layers of fabric.

Additional features

1. Siren.Some options stun equipped with this function.At the approach of danger you just press the button.Unpleasant beep will attract the attention of others, and may force the attacker to give up their intentions.Thus, to the basic protection you get more and more.

2. Lantern.A small flashlight is present in almost every Taser.But there are options with a powerful LED torch to 50W or even 100W.A good flashlight is always useful in everyday life.So on Taser he definitely does not hurt.

3. Fuse.The device can be applied only when you remove it from the fuse.It is very convenient and safe as it eliminates the possibility of accidental operation.Structurally, the fuse can be either a switch or a separate key, plugs into the end of the shocker.If you have small children, it's best to choose a key.

shocker Where to buy?

sales of these devices are engaged in weapon shops, but in small towns such can not be.So the easiest way - to order it cash on delivery over the Internet.Now that you know how to choose the Taser.It remains only to determine the amount you're willing to spend on it.Successful purchases!