Rules of the game of basketball

popular earlier playing basketball and now not utrachivat its relevance, despite the fact that there are new kinds of sports.Starting since nineteen sixty-eight, the official matches are held in the premises closed, although up to that time were allowed to play outdoors.

rules of the game of basketball rules differ significantly from other sports.The match begins with the center of the field tossing the ball a judge who throws it up clearly between the two rivals.Once players touched the ball, the game time starts ticking.After the referee whistle sounded, time stops and then restarts when the judge in the same way permits to continue the game.

to hold the attacking team devoted no more than twenty-four second, these are the rules of the game of basketball.This is followed by a special operator.There is a so-called "three-second zone" opponent, in which the player of the team that attacks may be no more than three seconds.

Draw in basketball is not allowed.If the winner is not determined in the al

lotted time for the game is assigned a five-minute extra time, called "overtime", and it happens before the time, until the winner is revealed.

All shots are evaluated by two points, with one exception, which is produced by the arc specially marked.For such a throw the player receives three points.

During the game the referee is often controversial plays ball.Disputed situation arises in the following points: the possession of the ball by two rivals, are not conceding it to each other;If the judge can not determine which player last touched the ball before the ball left the playing field;If the ball gets stuck between the ring and shield.

dribbling technique has some limitations.After dribbling (technical possession), the player is allowed to take two steps with him in his hands, and not to hit them on the floor surface.Then, the player is obliged to give it to a teammate, or to make a throw in the ring.If a player has violated the rules of the game of basketball, the third step, the ball is passed to the opposing team.If the player is stopped, holding the ball in his hands without making a throw, without giving a pass, and then continue the game, recorded "double dribble."It is a violation punishable by passing the ball to the opponent.If during the stop basketball player holding the ball, tapping him on the floor, then continues dribbling violation in that it does not appear.Maintenance may be both right and left hand.Using both hands at the same time the ball can not keep - it is considered a violation of the rules, then it is given to the opposing team.

Each team on the field can be set only five people.The remaining five to seven are on the bench and wait for a replacement.Substitutions can be made in any amount, but only during a stop stopwatch.

rules prohibit a basketball game to beat the opponent on his hands, clenching his hands, thereby blocking its movement, pushing, step on the foot.For any of these violations basketball player gets a private warning, and comment punishable foul.Upon receipt of the player five fouls, it is removed from the field to end the game with the right replacement.

course, nice to look at just basketball, rules of the game which is not allowed unsportsmanlike conduct, argue with the judge, fights, rough form showdown.For all these violations of basketball, as, indeed, and coaches receive a technical foul.A more serious violation is declared disqualifying foul, which provides for the disqualification of the player until the end of the game.

for gross violation of a direct free throw in the ring of the offending team.It can perform both the victim and his teammate.Shooting is done from a distance of six meters from the shield to the assigned point.Each hit in the ring brings the player and his team one point.

almost all the players know how to play basketball and not to break with the rules.However, not everyone is able to hold back his emotions.But the game is very hazardous and absorbing, and watch her - a real pleasure and a lot of positive emotions.