Sport games

Sport games - not just a means of physical education, as a means of bringing up influence on personality.And the main thing here is education of socially significant qualities of the person - collectivism, conscious discipline, the ability to put common interests above personal.

most active factor in shaping the personality appears here staff.Its impact is higher, stronger, more authoritative each of its members.

Sport - always a struggle, and often severe.Therefore, the highest moral qualities manifest themselves in such conditions.Honesty in wrestling - one of the manifestations of moral maturity.The victory, achieved at any cost, has no right to life, for it destroys the moral standards of the sport.

respect for opponents, using only the permitted methods of struggle - these rules to be strictly vaccinated with the first steps in the sport.
why is so important proper organization of the educational process, where the leading role is played by the coach.The most important tasks of his job is to

create the necessary conditions for the formation of personality, capable of living in all cases be of high moral character.

essential feature of sports is also in the fact that, to achieve good results here necessarily important entire complex special qualities - physical, technical and tactical, moral standing.
should be emphasized that sports a very rich, and in some respects a unique position to nurture nature.Knowing his students, a coach can deliberately and yet quietly put them in an environment where it is impossible not to show certain moral qualities.

huge attraction and at the same time educational power of games lies in the complex motivations involved in gaming activities.In training or competition, each of the students felt a deep moral satisfaction from the process of the game, each somewhat surpassed not only themselves, but also an opponent, and it does not go unnoticed by teammates, coaches and spectators.The desire to preserve its forces to make an effort, which develops into a habit and forms dealing with character and personality.

great value for the educator is an educational and training aspect of sports games.The richness of the content of games is expanding the potential of the human motor.With the skills, the person gets the opportunity in any situation to find an adequate and effective solution to motor.The importance of this fact for labor, military or other forms of activity can not be overestimated.

Under the influence of continually changing situation motor skills become flexible and highly mobile.Running, jumping, throwing in the game are used constantly.Moreover, they are used in various combinations, providing a versatile, or rather, a comprehensive effect on the acquisition of high potential physical fitness of students.
Thus, the effect of systematic training games transformed into a willingness to work and defense of the homeland.

important and improving the value of such activities.It has long been proved that the degree of influence on the development and functional activity of the body of the game surpassed many other types of exercise.They are useful not only young and healthy people, but also children and the elderly, and in some cases patients.Explanation of this fact must be sought not only in the exceptional diversity, natural, emotional games as a voluntary, free nature of the activities that allows each of its discretion to select motor mode and regulate their activity.

variable nature of gaming activities most suitable for weakened or not strong organism, therefore, it has a beneficial effect.

Nevertheless, the health risks are still there and they consist mainly in the possibility of injury and overload due to the difficulty of self-load the game.To avoid this, you should use protective equipment to comply with methodological rules dosage load and active management of the game and especially competitive activities involved.In addition, it is important to choose the right games for various contingents and conduct classes in close cooperation with your doctor.

properly organized class sports games regardless of whether they are regular or occasional (independently elected form of sports entertainment), have a positive effect on the organism involved.And in some cases, when a sustained interest may be favorite type of exercise, which can be exposed to achieve a high level of physical fitness, physical development and sportsmanship.