Modern basketball shoes

shoes in basketball - one of the most important accessories.

Playing on the floor in the hall or on the street is very easy to get hurt.Making the jump at selection, dramatically increases the risk of ankle injury.

Therefore, I recommend using all sorts of devices (ammunition, accessories) in order to reduce this risk.

Modern basketball shoes can reduce the number of accessories and tools to strengthen the joints, ligaments and bones.Some models know how to increase growth, namely the height of the sole maximizes the growth of an athlete without the threat of injury or a reduction in feelings of platforms.The fact that the thicker base, the higher above the ground is an athlete, as a consequence of reduced feeling courts, increases the risk of injury.To increase the adhesion to the ground and a sense of the court, it was proposed to increase the area of ​​the sole.On the one hand it out, but it turns out a vicious circle which only increases the weight of the shoe, which in turn transforms them into

"military boots."

Now, scientists have calculated so to speak "ideal" proportions in which the basketball sneakers highest above the ground and have a maximum area of ​​the foot, without sacrificing ease.

Just when developing a new sports shoe began to use lighter materials.Now basketball shoe made from ultra-strong and ultra-light materials, which allows to increase the results several times.Some of these developments even banned in professional sports.At the present stage of the scientific intervention in the technology of materials for the basketball shoe it is as great as the developments in doping (drugs that dramatically increase a person's ability to recover, and hence the results).Some manufacturers of basketball shoes even made on this fact good publicity, which gave rise to a new, not a planned action, entitled "Banned in the NBA" (such was the case with the well-known brand name Athletic, which has produced basketball shoe APL, they were using illegalNBA scientific technology).And this is not an isolated case.

But I digress from the topic.

get to increase the growth of up to three centimeters can only basketball shoes sneakers, and this is, you see, a lot, especially when you're on the court.