Picatinny rail and rail Weaver

anyone interested in firearms or just people curious reader of magazines and books on the topic armory are constantly faced with the terms "Picatinny rail" and "Weaver".And another, and another - a support device for equipment with additional equipment, without which modern small arms.This article aims to give a popular definition of what a Picatinny rail, and how does it differ from the rails Weaver, as well as to describe the features of both and their designations by NATO.

Picatinny rail

name comes from the English Picatinny rail.Structurally, the device is a rail-mounting bracket, a cross section resembling the letter "T".Used on various small arms as a universal mount optical, collimator sights and other accessories, including supporting bipod, tactical grips, laser sights, lights and other equipment.

General Standard was developed by military research and industrial organizations in the US "Picatinny Arsenal."This standard is known in America under the designation MIL-STD-1913.For NATO,

it has another designation, namely: STANAG-2324.Picatinny rail allows not only firmly secure the additional device on the gun, but to move it back and forth under the fine-tuning of each arrow.Directly mounted to the bracket is carried out by means of screws and levers, so you can quickly change the hardware configuration, adapting weapon for a specific task.To eliminate deformation under the influence of temperature changes that occur during heating and cooling of the barrel, a Picatinny rail cross slots done by a constant pitch.Their size and pitch set common standard (slot - 5.23 mm, pitch - 10.01 mm, depth - 3 mm).In addition to the cooling function, perform the role of the slot locks the position for many accessories.

Rail Weaver

Picatinny rail differs from Weaver only by the size of the slots.In fact, Weaver rail - it's the same design, but do not meet the standards of MIL-STD-1913.As a result, the majority of assistive devices that are installed on the Picatinny rail can be mounted on rails and Weaver.The width of the slits Weaver is 0.180 ", but, unlike strips Picatinny, slotted Weaver are not necessarily equally spaced from each other, so not all accessories are designed to be mounted on the rail, fit a Picatinny rail.


Finally, pay attention to airsoft that is the case with all kinds of replicas of firearms issued by the PRC referred to in Article standards are not met, and often the width of the strips and the slots in them are of any size. This applies not only toto the Picatinny rail, but also to secure the device. Therefore, buying a replica, you must select the right device is matched with it, otherwise find a suitable item later can be quite difficult.