PPP - automatic all-out war

According to most weapons experts, is the best submachine gun, created during the years of World War II.PPP - machine, which to date has no equal ratio "cost-effectiveness, simplicity, reliability."Only the objective conditions of production and the military end of the war did not allow him to become the most widespread weapons of the Soviet Army and bypass this indicator PCA.

Background and history of

Despite the excellent fighting qualities, submachine gun Shpagin (PCA) had a number of significant drawbacks.It was difficult and expensive to produce, which also required the specialized enterprises.Also, the military did not suit too big for submachine gun size and weight.A complex and inconvenient to maintain the disc magazine does not have sufficient reliability.Drive from one machine could not be used for another.In addition, it was believed that the PCA has a great rate and excess dispersion by firing bursts.Competition for the new model of submachine gun for the Red Army conducted several t

imes, but in 1942 a landslide victory it won a PPP - Machine design, AISudaeva.

processability and fighting qualities

created under the siege of Leningrad, Sudaevsky PP had unprecedented simplicity and adaptability while maintaining the best fighting qualities submachine gun Shpagin.In comparison, for the manufacture of the PCA took about 14 kg of metal, and seven and a half hours, and automatic PPP - only 6.2 kg and two and a half hours respectively.Furthermore, it significantly reduced the amount of metal used, high grades.Except for a few details, the whole structure was produced by stamping of sheet steel trehmillimetrovyh.

The appeal PPP was also more convenient and simple as compared to its predecessor.Partial disassembly made just a few movements, and the weight and dimensions of weapons were almost two times less than that of the PCA (3.6 kg versus 5.3 kg in running order).There was also reduced the excess rate (1000 rounds per minute at the PCA), which led to aimless flow of ammunition and overheating of the barrel.PPP - machine, which has an optimum rate of for this type of weapon: 600 rounds per minute.This rate is a balance between accuracy and density of fire at short range, and allows for the firing single shots without an interpreter fire.At present, almost all the modern sub-machine guns and assault rifles are designed by a similar rate.Equally outstanding at the PPP were fighting characteristics.Powerful cartridge and the relatively long barrel allows you to confidently aimed fire hitting targets at a distance of more than two hundred meters, it was a daunting task for everyone, without exception, submachine guns at the time, made abroad.

Automatic PPS-43

After the experience of the application of the troops had been amended in the design of machine pistol.Since 1943, it has become a modernized version issued under the symbol "PPP-43."The changes were generally minor and affected only the appearance of the weapon.It was modified form of the handle and the guard, and several shortened barrel and butt, which also got a new mount.The only change was the use of the internal structure of the guide rod mainspring as an extractor instead of a conventional reflector.


PPP - automatic, has been recognized around the world.Just go to the unreasonableness of a new weapon in the war did not allow him to establish a mass production.Meanwhile, this machine was in service until the nineties and has been copied many times.The sound of his queues and can now be heard in many hot spots around the world.