Outboard motor "Whirlwind": whether to buy

Outboard boat motor home "Whirlwind-25" is intended for boats with a weight of more than one hundred and thirty kilograms.Its nominal power is 25 horsepower.Structurally, it is a two-cylinder engine with water cooling.Due to the use of stainless steel in the design it can be used in both fresh and seawater.It surpasses efficiency outboard motor "Whirlwind-30" due to the lower combustion chamber, but loses in the last power.This does not prevent him from being definitely more popular.Outboard motor "Whirlwind" to run on gasoline-oil mixture.Its proportions are selected arbitrarily, depending on the degree of wear of the engine and operating conditions.

motor boat "Whirlwind-25" is controlled by regular tiller.However, if there is a steering console, you can connect a remote control system.Electrical connector is provided for the supply of lighting fixtures.Electronics duplicated possibility of manual starting.

leader in its class

For its time, the outboard motor "Whirlwind" was quite modern an

d even innovative design.Under the conditions of limited supply, it has become an absolute leader in popularity among the other engines in the same class.Meanwhile outboard motor "Whirlwind" and has a number of significant deficiencies, which, presumably, were the result of his time and then applied technical approaches.


First, imperfect system of ignition.Despite repeated attempts to resolve this problem the manufacturer, it remains to this day date.And this despite the fact that "diy" successfully improving outboard motor "Whirlwind" and the ignition have worked "like clockwork."

Secondly, because of the failure of the hydrodynamic shape of the underwater part of the motor it can not be a long time to move the boat at maximum speed.Bluff form under conditions of high water resistance causes a deformation of the vertical shaft and the total yield of the machine fails.

Third, outboard motor "Whirlwind" is not sufficiently tight.As a result, friction of water gets mechanisms that lead to their premature wear.

Fourth, there are problems with the carburetor.Moreover, the same as in domestic vehicles.Most worryingly, for each model of engine was a separate carburetor and thus replace the failed in the model can not be more perfect.


Unfortunately, this is not a complete list of operational problems accompanying outboard motor "Whirlwind".Meanwhile, in the capable hands of this engine it shows not only the inherent initially good power characteristics, and high reliability.When "sensible" improvement "Whirlwind" can compete with foreign counterparts.Especially when you take into account its much lower price.Simply put, this is a good choice for those who are on friendly terms with the technique.If a person can not distinguish between the carburetor from the starter, then it is better to choose a foreign motor, that definitely will save his nerves, and ultimately money.