Yevgeny Bazarov attitude towards others, and a brief description of the hero

One of the main characters of the novel "Fathers and Sons" is Eugene V. Bazarov - nihilist young student of medical university, the son of an army doctor and pious landowner.The image of Bazarov is very noticeable in the literature and criticism, and is the subject of constant discussion.The thing is, what are the features put it ISTurgenev.In Bazarov surprising combination of roughness and tenderness, liberty and erudition, sensitivity, and nihilism.We should also consider how Bazarov exhibit related to the people around.

At one time he was considered a hero of the public when it was fashionable to denial of intangible things and sensations.With that in addition to Bazarov in the novel are a few representatives of this world (Arkady Kirsanov and Sitnikov Kukshina), it is a true nihilist Eugene.For all their desire to demonstrate the novelty of views, Arkady not fully believe in the denial of love, faith and feelings of other, sometimes forgotten, revealing his true colors.

Two other supporters of

nihilism only boast of their views, badly understanding the essence of the phenomenon.But if Kirsanov Bazarov refers to the indulgent, perhaps even favoring him, the university knew Eugene openly despises.However, it is best able to demonstrate to others the ratio of Bazarov quotes from the text.On this basis, should review the work, considered the relationship of the hero with each of the characters.

Bazarov attitude towards others

On the one hand, the protagonist is cynical and selfish.First introduced in the house, he immediately and without hesitation in a rather cheeky manner demonstrates his worldview, his host criticizes craze - Nikolai Petrovich Kirsanov - poetry, advising him instead to read the German materialists.Bazarov was a dispute with his brother, Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov, almost ridiculing the views of the latter, and later did cause him to a duel.Eugene skillfully manipulates Arkady, causing his father to replace the book proposed Bazarov.

But there is another side of how the exhibits Bazarov attitude towards others.For example, he demonstrates an unprecedented sensitivity, with sympathy and respecting lover of Nikolai Petrovich - Baubles, simple girl and a servant in the house Kirsanovs.He was gentle with her child than the mother immediately captivates.Eugene also leaves the noble duel with Kirsanov, without finishing her murdering, but only lumbago Pavel Petrovich leg.And Arkady and did nourish friendly feelings, custody and trying to direct him to the right way on the path of nihilism.In general it can be concluded that the ratio of E. Bazarov to others in the novel "Fathers and Sons" is ambiguous and depends on what are the people themselves.

image Yevgeny Bazarov

Bazarov has a very specific, even repulsive appearance, his long hair, rough hands, untidy clothes.But all around miraculously imbued with sympathy for him.Perhaps because Eugene is sincere in his statements, not a hypocrite and does not try to please everyone around, in contrast to the same Paul Petrovich.Turgenev sought to create such an image, fearing that too straightforward for the reader will not be able to discern the true nature of Bazarov and understand the author's ideas.The main contradiction in relation to the surrounding Bazarov is that even though he religiously believes in its ideology, denies any intangible things, he still can not resist the instincts and falls in love with a good friend Arcadia - rich and educated widow Anna Sergeyevna Odintsov.

First he tries to overcome his feelings to justify themselves by saying that the impression it made a "rich body," a young woman, as if specially designed for the anatomical theater (in his words).But then nihilist amenable emotions and feelings recognized Odintsov.Love Anna Sergeyevna Bazarov looks a bit shaken, but still did not change them.But the impact on the Arcadia, which opened its senses Catherine - sister Anna Sergeyevna.Subsequently, Jr. Kirsanov married a girl.

Yevgeny Bazarov - the hero of our time

Thus, it is clear that although the hero too straightforward and even slightly rude, he still is a kind and caring person, has some inner charisma.The main advantage of it is that truly shows how Bazarov attitude to the surrounding people.It does not seek to please everyone around, not over-emphasize its progressive views, not shouting at each corner of the far-reaching plans, although they really are, because with the help of materialism Eugene is committed to making a better world, to bring happiness to everyone.He devotedly loves parents and trying to achieve anything in life on their own.It is these features make it a positive character in the novel and even allow us to attribute to the heroes of our time.