Characteristics Roland and Carl

«The Song of Roland" - one of the most striking works, studied at the school at lessons of foreign literature.Many are impressed by the main character - a glorious knight Roland, who, like a vessel, incorporates all of the most positive qualities, it is always on the side of good, and thus the victory in the battle of life will be after him.

features Roland should be considered deep enough to be able to correctly perceive the whole point of the main idea and transmitted in the product.

Roland - the knight, the standard of all the best qualities of

basis of "Song of Roland" are actual historical events took place.They were exposed to a literary understanding of the correct perception of the reader.

features Roland's quite commonplace for literary works of the time.The main character - a knight, which seems to embody all the most good idea of ​​the hero, which was seen in medieval France.With this composing each reader a unique opportunity to go all the difficult path of Roland satellites at the s

ame time our hero will only Braveheart people.

Personal qualities

studying the "Song of Roland" Roland characteristic is obtained almost perfect: he is a brave patriot to the bone, and the main thing for him - to keep the previously given word.Roland loyal to his king and not betray him ever since looketh traitors.The Christian faith for him - the value of which can be called more important than life itself, which is why the characteristic Roland appears in such a noble tones, he - the man who puts religion and church on top of personal values, but these people medieval France could be called heroes.

and courage he does not hold

course, characteristic of Roland as a hero of the time implies that it will be the most valiant and courageous.The author adds another quality to it: it is as clever as brave, perhaps, that the merger of these two factors makes Roland almost invincible in all battles.The main objective of our hero's life as formulated clearly enough - the honor of France - the homeland -Must be preserved at any cost.

unequal battle

even realizing that the latter described the battle - unequal, Roland takes it.Of course, such a person, he can not give up, he will bravely fight to the end, even if the end is terrible death.Also important is the fact that the last seconds of his life dedicated to the hero of the thoughts of his beloved country - is one of the most important moments in the work "Song of Roland".Characteristics of heroes, like Roland is always the same scenario - for the love of the homeland and the Church you are sure to earn eternal life in the ballads.

As can be seen, Roland - a perfect example of the ideal knight, which so often sang and present in the literary works of the time.

image of Charlemagne

features Roland and Charles are similar in that both the hero - exaggerated compared to their counterparts.And if Roland - the bravest and most loyal knight, the Carl - the wisest, the best king.It is interesting that, according to historical data, Karl was only thirty at the beginning of the Spanish campaign, but our literary Karl - a two hundred year old sage, whose appearance is truly patriarchal.The author also exaggerated the scale of the possessions of Charles, as many mentioned in the poem of the country in any way not part of his empire in the period described here.Even a non-existent country of Normandy was also inscribed in his possession.Such a move in the literature are often used in the Middle Ages to the reader admired his hero.

today would be called Carl superhero, because only in this way he must have the strength to stop the sun in the sky.Highlighted here and the power of the influence of Christianity on the literature of the time, as the sun in the sky stood still for the sake of our king could punish all infidels Church, thereby to instruct on the right path of others who have not yet accepted the faith as a single source of truth and enlightenment.

religious thread runs through the whole poem, we can draw a lot of parallels with the biblical stories.Charles and Roland we are almost perfect, and like apostles.It's once again confirms that the literature of the period was rather monotonous and had a common goal - to turn the people to the church.