The novel "The Cathedral" Honchar: characteristic images

In 1968 published the novel "The Cathedral" Honchar, Ukrainian writer who created it from 1964 to 1967.It was based on real facts and events.

Characteristics of the main images of the novel, as well as the ideological content of the work - the theme of this article.The characters of the novel "The Cathedral" Honchar to the Cathedral (Treasure) are depending on the spiritual development of his erudition, understanding the past, and from the most common human conscience.Trotsky's Cathedral, located in the Dnipropetrovsk region in Novomoskovsk, served as the prototype of the temple described in the novel (photo author of the work presented in this review).

Nikolai Baglaĭ

This hero is brought before us at the beginning of the second paragraph of the novel.He is deeply convinced that the correct, righteous people live on Zachiplyantsi.In its factory settlement in love with Nicholas.This hero product "Cathedral" Honchar like his hard-working citizens.However, the most complete, the light of his love

- this cathedral.Baglai happy "music," "baths-domes" raised to the sky.He feels it in reality as the unsolved mystery of the world.The beauty of creation of human hands and beauty of the earth they are perceived as a whole.He admired, surprise and mighty steel mills, and the magic nature nearby.Baghlan is true, it can not accept the fact that the plant does not provide a cleaning system, and he set himself the goal to construct it, because the air is sure to be clean.Design fascination hero demonstrates the beauty of his intellectual efforts and thoughts.


Elkov - another character in the novel "The Cathedral" Honchar.It is in the product is one of the most attractive characters.Its fate is similar to the unenviable fate, which has fallen to the set of rural girls.They, when they grow up, go aimlessly from his native village in search of happiness.The fate of this heroine is complicated by the fact that she grew up without a father, half-orphans in the farm.When crushed in Glinische her mother, she became an orphan.With much love, sincerely I portrayed the image of a simple village girl Oles Gonchar.The novel "The Cathedral" - a work of reading which we look into the brooding green eyes of the heroine taking to heart her wanderings, sympathize with her grief caused soulless hypocrites and offenders, such as a nasty foreman worthless.

Volodya Quinoa

difficult enough, even somewhat mysterious phenomenon called literary image Volodka swans.Eugene Sverstyuk in his book titled "The Cathedral in the woods," said that this character is a fundamentally new: the writer was able to show the image, devoid of proof criteria, free from human purposes, on the edge of the robot.He splits the value of a word, one touch.As in the lips of the genius of the philosopher or poet all acquires a higher meaning, the energy of life, the value as a swan the reverse is true - everything goes, decomposes and breaks.

Isot Lebed

Isot Lebedev - a character who is a steelworker.This is a fundamental, honest man, who painted in the product Oles Honchar ("Cathedral").Characteristic of his given Volodka following: his "Cossack freedom-loving soul."However, the son can not feel the terrible pain that caused his own father, rid of it in a place where there is only one way - to the cemetery.

deep symbolic meaning has a swan-Nechuyvitra.It seemed to have the spirit of the Cossacks.He noted also the love of his native land.The image of this experience united master steelworker and state guard treasures.In eternity he walked between the green smooth and clear waters of their native land.

sound ideological novel

polyphonic sound is ideological novel, that created the Oles Honchar ("Cathedral").The problems it deals with various aspects of society.His attention has focused on the writer of historical, philosophical, ethical, moral, and environmental issues.Debunks in the work of spiritual psychology poacher.It has reached the unity of content and expression.Artwork noted a high level of artistic skill.

author is not intended to be immersed in religious morality.The image of the church-cathedral for him - this is mainly a reminder Cossack architecture.Gonchar values ​​of chivalry and spiritual genius of Zaporozhye, and his patriotic exploits both in construction and art, and in battles with the enemy.Our ancestors immortalized himself in the beauty of this building, which still fascinates everyone who sees it from far or near, to deepen the idea of ​​this "poem" Cossack architecture.And we unwittingly set ourselves is not a simple matter, so worried Baglai: "Where is our poem, what is immortalized himself our souls?"

Matters arising after reading

all deep philosophical and ideological content of the novel is addressed to posterity.What we have created?Which could leave a trace in the history of our nation?What is destroyed and they built?With what feelings we remember descendants?

Acts and testament ancestors remind us of the duty to modernity and history, the future and the past: how we protect, respect the shrines?We must cherish the memory as a sacred heritage of past centuries.It should increase and protect.All these thoughts and questions arise, many of those who read the novel "The Cathedral" Honchar.Summary of the work, of course, does not make you think seriously about it.

publicist pathos works

Indicated polemic, publicist pathos, "Council" calls each of us to protect and nurture the spiritual treasures of our cultural, historical and structural legacy.In the novel, at the same time describes the negative aspects of modernity.This lack of spirituality, bureaucracy, a nihilistic attitude to culture, the spirit of destruction, consumer trends, the neglect of the customs of the people, a sense of patriotism, a folk song."Cathedral" sounds symphony of greatness people chanting his creative genius.