A. Ostrovsky "Thunderstorm".

In 1859, Alexander Ostrovsky was written the play "Thunderstorm".By this time, all Russian society lurking in terrible fear of expectations of future changes.Indeed, more and more clearly become mature social conflict between the old world of conservative patriarchal way of life, so-called "dark world" and the new world of the young and progressive forces.Old world in the play "Thunderstorm" is a rich merchant's wife and very evil and wicked Kabaniha insufferable merchant Wild.Of course, their power over others is still great, but they are starting to realize that in the lower strata gradually beginning to awaken some new, strange, incomprehensible and hateful to them already such power.

«Storm".Feature Kudryash

NA Dob dedicate this issue an article entitled "A ray of light in the darkness."Where he writes that the dark world of tyrants, obey the tyranny everywhere, germs began to feel different life, with other principles, although it is still good is not visible.

Deconstructing more theme ""

Thunderstorm ".Feature Kudryash "certainly should be noted that it is the younger generation of the small town of Kalinov in the play represent Katerina, Boris Kudryashov, Barbara and Tikhon.However, if they are able to fight and resist tyranny tyrants ruling over them?

Feature Kudryash in the play "Thunderstorm»

Can stand up for yourself Ivan Kudryashov, and who is he?After all, in fact, given the theme of "" Thunderstorm ".Feature Kudryash. "Curly - it is one of the minor characters in the works of Ostrovsky, a young man working in the office of gross merchant Wild.But Curly also has a reputation for rude and unwilling to "rabstvovat" before his master.He states Kuligin and Shapkina, saying, "I'm not afraid of him, let him better he is afraid of me," and responds rudeness to rudeness, even though he tries to once again not to get caught the eye of the Wild.But if a merchant does not expel its Wild, therefore, they need each other and therefore do not need to be Kudryash heroism for bringing some of their demands.


Kudryash one of the first character appears in the play, and introduces us to the way of life of the city Kalinov.He dared cheerful and self-assured.He has his own passion with which he secretly from her mother Kabanihi evening meets.Curly facilitated meetings with Barbara married Catherine and free from the bonds of married nephew Boris Wild.

concluding arguments on "" Thunderstorm ".Feature Kudryash ", it should be noted that when all their secret meetings were opened, it did not save Boris and Katherine obediently went to Siberia, where his uncle mishandled.But Curly wrong, he takes Barbara and runs away with it.Curly if set goal, it seeks, whatever it may cost him.