One hundred of the best comic book characters of all time: the brightest and most famous images of a superhero

the nearly 100-year history of comics have become one of the most popular genres of readers.Their popularity grew and thanks to Hollywood, which over the past decade, more and more attention paid annually out kinonovinki.Wolverine, Spider-Man, Superman has long acted in independent movies, pets staying multimillion army of fans.Who else is included in this number?Introducing a hundred of the best comic book characters of all time according to US media.

Gaining sympathy

authoritative edition of Comic Heroes specializes in cartoon characters that have a distinctive superpower.In the list of the most popular include both positive and negative characters antagonists, often contrasted with the first, as well as those who are not endowed with super abilities authors.The richest so called komiksnaya Marvel Universe includes hundreds of invented characters.Most of them have already had the opportunity to show themselves, others, unfortunately, still remain largely unknown to the viewer.It seems that age lov

e to comics with such characters is yet to come.

Earth heroes famous

So, who entered the top hundred best cartoon characters of all time?Superman is considered an icon of American culture.Perhaps this is due to his first appearance in public, dated 1938.His image is often used in video games, on the pages of many newspapers and, of course, in various programs.Superman was the first among those who received the title defenders.Being born on the planet Krypton, a few minutes before its destruction, he was sent to Earth, where he took human form and found a family.His actions he more than once saved the inhabitants of America, for what has become a truly national hero.

modesty - the main decoration

compete in popularity with the same Superman could equally well-known character, what has become Spider-Man.He is rightly should include in the top one hundred best cartoon characters of all time.Perhaps Peter Parker in his time gave impetus to the development of Hollywood cinema, which is increasingly dedicated to the heroes of feature-length films, descended from the pages of comic books.The famous Peter Parker?This modest, simple New York student, discovered after a spider bite his superhuman abilities.Peter will have to learn to deal with them, and still get the attention of Mary Jane, which he really likes.

Trilogy, published in the early 2000s, the film company brought huge profits.In 2014, "Spider-Man" has been restarted, but was limited to the two parts.For 2017 it is planned to return to the new favorite hero, which let the studio did not want to.

Endurance blood, courage in the eyes

All the characters included in the top hundred best cartoon characters of all time, distinguished by its strength and popularity of the reader.A special provision applies to Wolverine.Why is that?Because it can not be called a human being, what are the aforementioned Superman and Spider-Man.This mutant is rich in its history, during the writing of which the authors have presented it in the form in which it is most familiar to the public today.Injuries, death for the rest, do not exert any influence on him, as well as diseases and poisons.Wolverine has martial arts skills, an excellent knowledge of the weapon, an incredibly tough and agile.His body is slowly getting older, and most heightened senses.A distinctive feature is the presence of six sharp claws.Migrated from the pages of comic books to film, Wolverine is a permanent member of the team the New Avengers and the X-Men.The image of a fearless, invincible mutant screen embodied Australian actor Hugh Jackman.

political nature of America

Bright hero, nicknamed Captain America, deservedly falls into the category of "a hundred of the best comic book characters of all time."Its creation had to the duration of the Hitler coalition, because many consider it a patriotic character.During World War II, he gained the highest appreciation to the public as a symbol of struggle and confrontation.In the 50's the need for it gradually disappeared, and the long-awaited return occurred during the formation of the Avengers team, where he also entered.

Suit Captain America has some similarities in the colors of the US flag.The hero is an indestructible shield that is used as a weapon.

leader of the list, or who led a hundred of the best comic book characters of all time

1 place was given to Batman.Conceived as a man-bat, he made a promise to a child that will always stand on the protection of public order and tranquility of civilians.Following the principles of justice, in the evening he dons a suit and goes to bat eradicate crime on the streets of the fictional town of Gotham.Often the hero enlists the aid of a police officer James Gordon and personal butler Alfred.

Batman does not have the abilities.Mostly he enjoys innate intelligence, analytical mind, wit, skills espionage.Thanks darkly tragic appearance before the wicked it features the ability to intimidate and instill fear.

can not but agree that this hero before others got their own films.In 1989 came the first of the "Batman", after which followed the pattern of "Batman Returns."The main role played by Michael Keaton.Glory to the heroes is not limited to the cinema.Batman has appeared many times in the pages of comic books, newspaper articles, as well as theater and video games.

hundred best cartoon characters of all time: A list

We reviewed the most famous, the leading popular comic book characters, but the list does not end there.In conclusion, we present the top of other, equally colorful characters:

  1. Iron Man.
  2. Hulk.
  3. Daredevil.
  4. Thor.
  5. Flash.
  6. Catwoman.
  7. Hellboy.
  8. Deadpool.
  9. Green Lantern.
  10. Hawkeye.