Vampire saga "Twilight" books on order

Books Stephenie Meyer about complicated relationships ordinary girl Bella and vampire Edward has long captivated readers.Each piece became a bestseller, and his series of novels collectively sold around the world in great quantities.How not to get confused and not to be mistaken with the sequence of volumes?Those who are not familiar with the story, is to start with the first part, called "Twilight."Books in order, were released after we consider in this article.

Love and vampires: acquainted

The first part appeared in the bookshops in 2005.In recognition of the writer, the book was intended for a teenage audience.Otherwise the plot is not supposed 17-year-old Bella arrives in a small town, where her father, whom she rarely sees after leaving parents.At the local school she meets the mysterious Edward, which downright breathes mystery.Between them arises passionate feeling, but first a young man with white skin must confess something ...

vampire stories imbued with all the "Twilight".Books on

the order volume is to continue reading "New Moon," which continues to develop this theme.

So far, so interesting

What distinguishes the second part?As recognized by Stephenie Meyer, she has devoted her true love.Bella overwhelmed with feelings for Edward, but knowing his family secrets, she is forced to reconsider their attitude towards it.But unless something can break the real feelings?Nevertheless, continued focus on the agony of the heroine from the possible loss of love.To give a more romantic narrative, the author drew parallels with the "Romeo and Juliet" that attentive readers can see in the novel.

Finale "New Moon" is associated with difficult decisions.Bella agrees to apply to the vampires, to be close to a loved one, what all the Cullen family supports it.

third "Twilight"

list of books in order is complemented by another part, called "Eclipse."At the time of its release, in 2007, at the vampire saga has already formed an army of fans.According to statistics, in the first days of sales "Eclipse" sold millions of copies.

Bella suffers from a consciousness that did hurt Jacob, because he loves her, too.In the war between vampires and werewolves is scheduled calm, but as it turns out later, it briefly.The ending is built around the wedding of the main characters, who appointed her date.Offended Jacob decides to go away, remained in the guise of a wolf ...

unusual "human-vampire" finale

key to the entire history of events take place in the next part, which is often called "Twilight.Saga ".In order to continue to list the books you need, be sure to mention in this fourth work named "Dawn."The dual interpretation stems from the fact that this part of the film adaptation has been divided into two independent film.

narrative combined common theme - the birth of a child of Edward and Bella.Future daughter itself is incredibly powerful, because it combines the features of a vampire and a human.It takes too much energy from the mother's life, leaving Bella exhausted.She miraculously survive.Renesmee grows very quickly.Her birth gives rise to a lot of gossip: there are those who are happy with the event, but there are those who are even more hate family Cullen ...

Another story

At the final part of the vampire saga went on sale another productin this series under the general title of "Twilight."Books by the order should be supplemented by "Midnight Sun", but officially this work belongs to a series of novels.Its peculiarity is the time of the story - the plot develops simultaneously with the first part, but the action is not the eyes of the reader sees Bella and Edward.The journalists' questions, the purpose for which it was made, Meyer replied that she wanted to show the search themselves and experience related to the new relationship, the eyes of the main male character.It was possible or not - to judge the fans.It is worth adding that the "Midnight Sun" and the remaining split off Works not included in the vampire saga, dispersed in the same impressive circulation, as well as other parts.

Our favorite "Twilight"

books in order we list them in the following list, which includes years of publication:

  • "Twilight" (2005).
  • "New Moon" (2006).
  • "Eclipse" (2007).
  • "Dawn" (2008).
  • "Midnight Sun" (2008).