AN Ostrovsky "The Storm".

In the play "Thunderstorm" by Alexander Ostrovsky describes the life of a small provincial town Kalinov.The main focus of this work is put on the definition of "the dark kingdom", which embodies the rich landowners who do not have an over Chiefs.That's because, even thrive in these places tyranny and ignorance.Before the theme "Characteristics Kuligina in the play" Thunderstorm ", it is worth noting also that almost every citizen of this town, knowing every injustice, will never dare to openly express their opinions.

¬ęStorm".Feature Kuligina

Kuligin - this is the first character that appears in the play.He is one class of ordinary bourgeois, self-taught watchmaker and inventor, to find perpetual motion.On the exterior of his special determinations have, over the age of him for several fifties.He came to the embankment of the Volga, to admire its beauty.Delight, he even sings the lyrics.And then he's joined by young people - Curly (clerk of the Wild) and tradesman Shapkin.Kuligin, expressing his joy

and delight from the spectacular scenery, understands that they do not share his feelings as fully immersed in their everyday problems.Almost immediately, they start talking about "the dark kingdom", but especially Kuligin not support this, in his view, meaningless chatter.

Continuing to develop the theme of "The Storm".Feature Kuligina "should immediately notice that he is always speaking only as needed.

Replica Kuligina obnoxious character of a rich merchant in the Wild: "With him, eh, take an example!Better to tolerate "- says that he is intelligent, unusual and thoughtful person.And at the same time Kudryash boasts that offense does not give himself and says: "It is - the word, and I - ten" - but then, seeing that it goes to the Wild, fearing, with Shapkina steps aside.Kuligin, by contrast, has remained in place and only took off his cap.

Kuligin ("Storm"): characteristics (briefly)

The next time we meet Kuligin when he talks with Boris - a decent educated young man and nephew of the Wild.Kuligin involuntarily wondered how this Boris lived in subjection to his uncle - a terrible despot and snapper, and argue that it is impossible to senseless accusations.Boris says that it's really hard to get along here, just that once.After hearing the story of Boris, Kuligin understands what to do with it nothing can be as well aware of the social fabric in Kalinovka and see what brutal manners in this city.


So, we are interested in characterization Kuligina.In the play "Thunderstorm" it says that this local inventor has many positive qualities.He is able to analyze, write poetry, it has a reverie.When Boris invites him to write in verse life in Kalinovka, he refuses.It appears his indecision.If the main character in the protest ran into the Volga, the Kuligin resolute and loud protests simply can not.

Discussing the topic "Ostrovsky," The Storm ".Feature Kuligina ", we understand that this hero like no one else can find common language with people.Kuligin more similar to that of the noble dreamer who is always thinking of how to make society better and more civilized.


He wants to invent a perpetual motion machine, for who can get a million and arrange jobs for people.And so he says, "And then there are the hands, nothing but work."He calls himself "a self-taught mechanic," and asks the Wild to give him ten rubles on the sundial, which wants to do in the park.And then it says the saving lightning rod, which can also be installed in the city.But the greedy and blunt the landlord does not want to part with their resources, that loves life.All persuasion proved useless.However, one wonders piety, patience and perseverance Kuligina conduct conversations with the Wild, to which, however, reach him and failed.

connoisseurs of beauty

The theme of "The Storm".Feature Kuligina "it should be noted that the main character - a connoisseur of natural beauty.He says that "due to the Volga meadows smells of flowers and the sky, a clean ...", he regretted that the people of this city almost do not notice, perhaps, only a poor Katerina also feels it.

Next Kuligin says that poor people are working day and night and sleep for three hours, and the rich for the locked gate sit at home and just cussing each other.It also tries to explain to people that it is not necessary to be afraid of thunderstorms, comet, or the northern lights - they need to admire and evaluate how amazing natural phenomenon.

Conclusion In conclusion, the theme of "The Storm".Feature Kuligina "it should be noted that by the inventor runs the local people, and everyone can open his heart, even Tikhon Kabanov.Kuligin protects Katerina - is evident from his words after her suicide.He said Kabaniha and her son, now they can do with it whatever you like, but her soul is already before a judge who will pomiloserdnee them.At the end of Kuligin literally running away from these people, because he really unbearably painful and unpleasant to be near them.