Robert Shackley, "The smell of thought": summary

lot of great insights presented humanity science fiction writers.We can recall, for example, HG Wells or Jules Verne.But in this article we are not talking about them.The focus of our attention, "The smell of thought": a summary of the work.Robert Shackley creatively created it out of nothing.

«The Sixth Sense»

The man universally recognized five basic ways to explore the outside world: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste.When talking about the sixth sense, then under him understand the usually well-developed intuition and telepathy.Are there really those who can read minds?It is difficult to say in Soviet times, such as, for unknown reasons, this issue has been given much attention, and one seems to be able to find a genuine psychic on open spaces of our country.This, of course, about Nelly Kulagina.

For the rest, it is "a mystery."And that's why for it so willingly taken writers (especially writers who work in the genre of science fiction).Robert Shackley could not get around it to their atte



It begins, as in the classic cosmic history.Star postman runs from one planet to another, suddenly he discovers that his ship was already terribly old, is heated with incredible speed.He smells a rat and go check out the tanks with fuel.It turns out that the heat spoiled fuel.Leroy Clive (the pilot) understands that if he does not land on a nearby planet oxygenated, the chances of survival had not.What he tells his boss over the radio, as well as the coordinates of a possible crash.Postmaster calms pilot and says he will send a rescue team for him.Later pochtolet makes emergency landing on the planet G-M-22.

Exciting begins "The smell of thought" (summary, we hope, as long as possible to keep the intrigue).Yet this will continue.

strange animal

Naturally, the hero made a forced landing, he did not immediately come to the senses and for a time lost consciousness.I woke up on what next to it ran a protein, but the animal seemed strange: it did not have eyes and ears, and the wool had a greenish tint.After it seemed the wolf."Grey" did not have organs of hearing and vision.How to navigate the world of animals - a mystery.And Clive watched a hunting scene: Squirrel running away or hiding, and the wolf was on the heels of her.For some time the predator strayed off the trail, although the victim was with him, but he would have lost it if, then found and ate.But protein is clearly unable to meet the wolf's appetite, and he went to live almost to the postman.It is difficult to understand how he smelled.Clive had not even uspugatsya is again lost consciousness.The highlight of the story Shackley "Scent of thought" (summary shows it) just as these mysterious animals.


came an evening of the same day.Clive seemed to sleep, not only the collapse of the ship, but also the hunting scene, then he wondered about the time these animals no eyes, no ears, how they track each other.

distracted from thinking it some other inhabitants of the planet, hiding in the bushes, he looked like a panther, but with the known costs in appearance.While Clive was given the abstract reflections, big black cat with no ears and eyes could not identify the person from the background environment, but as soon as he thought about it, the predator once showed him a subject of interest.

And then it dawned on the hero: "Animals telepaths," of course! ".Then he again made a wild cat object thought, and again she "sensed" him.Realizing that these experiments will bring to no good, he tried to throw off the predator with his thought waves.Clive tried to think of other things, but unfortunately could not all the time back to the word "Panther".Extremely ingenious story written by Robert Shackley."The smell of thought" (a summary of it) is considered by us not only with interest, but with pleasure.

Eventually Leroy got the idea: to pretend to be mentally female panther.Male believed and began courting imaginary "little girl."Then, apparently, he realized that he had been deceived, and ran away screaming.Fascinates even a summary of the story, "The smell of thought" Robert Shackley.Writer masterfully builds the plot.

Real wolves

After adventures with Panther Leroy asleep.Only I awoke the next morning and found: his aerial vehicles burned completely, but he's alive.He picked up a metal rod - part of the ship, which could still amiss as a weapon.Still, when the postman understand the basic principles of functioning of the planet, it was a little easier to live with, but the most interesting was ahead.After the Panthers Cleve visited the wolves.It describes the events Robert Shackley."The smell of thought" (a summary of this latest attempt to reveal) very dynamic work.

He found food and water.Beasts could not see, but he thought, "Maybe today I will meet with the wolf or wolves," and they magically appeared.In other words, the idea is material - that's the basic idea, which is "mounted" in the summary of product "Scent of thought."Of course, it is quite commonplace, but in literature the main thing - the execution, and it had at the height of Shackley.

hero does not immediately come to them in the fight, he first tried to find shelter when he was not found, but also found that over the place of the supposed battle circling vultures, realized that to do nothing - it is necessary to take the fight.


first he pretended to be mentally wolf, trying to put pressure on the pity and outwit their opponents.It turned out too that those predators who stood facing him, like to believe in the hype, but one wolf went to the hero's back and ran, "knocking" it from the image.By the way, a "gray" Clive had hurt.

Then Leroy left the undertaking with the wolf and turned to form a more powerful animals such as panthers.He played very well, realistically, but opponents are not going to surrender so easily.They closed ranks and rushed at him all together (there were four).

Panther and Snake

He frantically wondered how he beat the wolves, then it dawned on me: "Snake!".Indeed, the animals were frightened, but now it has not fulfilled the role of the postman.Once wolves loosened his grip, he fled.

However, close, overtakes him and "nurses of the forest", and vultures.He decided to use the experience of astronauts - introduced himself to a bird.It knocked hungry wolves confused and they lost it.He leads his hero through a succession of images of R. Shackley."The smell of thought" (summary included) turns in the action thriller.

final battle.The wolves, panthers, vultures

the morning, as if he was a little of yesterday's adventures, Leroy thought of a panther and a wolf.They were not long to ask twice, immediately emerged.Given that the hero does not get enough sleep, he realized with a panther and wolves once he could not cope.Clive imagined something useless and not very tasty for the animals.As his head came only an image of the bush, and he became to them.

For a while that was enough, but then came the woodpecker and began to peck person as if he did hide in your belly worms.Leroy again unlucky, he had to get out of the way and again to escape from predators, then when they nearly caught him, he presented himself dead, and it saved him.Realizing what was happening, Clive began to add his corpse age, ie,from him was reek of decay.Panthers and wolves hero turned away from him, but the vulture, on the contrary, has attracted.Once again it's time to change the shell.Following is a description of the final scene actually works Shackley, she is crowned with a summary of the story, "The smell of thought."


And then a space pilot remembered the fire and the fear of him almost all living beings.He imagined himself as a torch.Animals fled.A rescue the spaceship arrived just in time.Leroy unwittingly found himself on board.The chief, who flew behind him, said Cleve lucky, because he was in the midst of a terrible fire.The crew watched the fire on the surface of the planet at the time they landed.However, when Leroy left the planet, the terrain did not leave any traces of elements revelry, I have not found the chief and burns on the body of his subordinate.

That turned retelling by Robert Shackley "Scent of thought."A very brief summary, probably not our strong point, but the reader will volumetric representation of the story.

usual fate of an unusual man.The seer of the "dead zone" Stephen King

Yet finally want to talk a bit about the ambivalence of such abilities as mind-reading.It is believed that telepathy - it's good for the media, because it gets power, stands out from the crowd.

In fact, the story of real psychics said that happiness in life they do not know so much.And not even because I read people like a book, but because they were hunted intelligence agencies and ordinary citizens who wish to use their gift for their own purposes.

Stephen King's novel has "dead zone", it is not telepathy, but a visionary.However, the fate of an extraordinary man it presents enough relief.For his gift, he paid a future happy family man, possibly his father.On its altar Johnny Smith put everything he had.At first he thought the gift to see the future, touching people curse.It was not until such time as Providence has not faced it with those he had to stop to prevent the second coming of Hitler to power.

And in the end the hero paid with his life for the execution of its mission and purpose.In other words, every gift (or supernatural writer) involves not only certain skills, but also a huge responsibility.