Who is Captain Britain?

Captain Britain (see photo. Below) - Marvel superhero universe, whose real name is - Brian Braddock.Merlin has been selected.Is the defense Maltiversa and Britain.For some time he worked with the Mi-13.


hero Captain Britain was born and raised in the English city of Malden.He has a twin sister, Betsy, and brother Jamie.After the death of his parents, he left the family, enrolling in the University of the Thames.In parallel with studies of a young man worked in the Department of Nuclear Technology.When he attacked the lab River, Brian rushed for help on his motorcycle, but got into an accident, was fatally wounded.When he awoke, Braddock saw Merlin and his daughter Roma.They offered him the choice of saving lives through the Sword of Truth relics and charms.The young man chose the latter, since it is not considered himself a warrior.Then he turned to Captain Britain, and was able to beat Rivera.


first time Braddock heroism combined with the work in the laboratory.He prevented a

series of bank robberies, becoming "a superhero Britain."This attracted a villain named Hurricane.Bryan defeated him at once because of police inaction.Captain Britain and other superheroes were hated representatives of the law.

a while Braddock was in America.There he lived in a dormitory with Peter Parker.But young people do not know about the abilities of each other.When Brian was flying home, he was subjected to telepathic and jumped out of the plane.After that Braddock was gone.Captain returned to Britain he Marilyn.It turned out that Brian is not part of the memory.Therefore, the magician told him how to defeat Nekromon - car, in an alternate reality to destroy all superheroes.Mate steel elf Dzhakdou Britain and the Black Knight.Together, they rescued Another World.After this victory, Brian was killed by the White Rider, but Merlin raised him returned all the lost memories.

new battle

Combining the Sceptre with the amulet, the wizard created a new uniform for Braddock.She assisted in the flight surrounded and Captain powerful force field.Soon Brian went to an alternative reality on Earth-238, to defeat Jim Jaspers, eliminate it all superheroes.

However Braddock was stopped fury that was stronger.Marilyn teleported the body of the captain to Earth-616 and re-raised him.Meanwhile, Jaspers became Prime Minister and began to change London.Bryan once again failed to stop him.Helped Fury, who came to Earth-616 to crack down on the captain.Jaspers caught him by the arm and was killed.Captain Britain was not hard to beat Fury, which has been weakened by the battle.

After these events, Braddock met MetaMorph Meggan from an alternate reality, and loved it.They began to fight evil together, but soon Brian wanted to finish his career as a superhero and a woman to create a family.

back in the ranks

After Captain Britain left, RCXI asked to take the post of his sister Betsy.It has become a worthy replacement due to persistent trainings, telepathy and impenetrable armor, allows you to make the flight.Betsy's many times fought against the enemies of Braddock and almost killed by Slaymastera.Only saved her brother's help.After this incident, Captain Britain was back, but stopped working with the government because of mistrust.Then he learned about the death of Betsy at the hands of X-Men and began to drink heavily.After her marriage to Meggan Brian finally left the team.


Captain Britain, whose biography was presented in this paper, building up their abilities gradually.At first he used for these purposes artifacts.They gave Brian agility (Amulet Truth), endurance, strength, strengthening the senses (uniforms), the ability to fly (Sceptre stars) and create force fields.After the defeat in the war with the Skrulls Braddock was revived by magic and no longer able to use the artifacts.Now the master's ability depended solely on his determination and willpower.