Gail Dwoskin "Sedona Method" - the essence and reviews

In today's world, full of stress, more people are looking for a way to qualitatively change the life, to avoid the constant sickness due to negative emotions.Among all the techniques and methods it stands out the method of "Sedona" - it is based on a very simple exercise, and over half a century collecting rave reviews.Today we will talk about the book Dvoskina Gale, which describes the use of this technique, and Let us examine the basic moments.

How and when did this method?

In 1952, Lester Levenson, a successful physicist, was sent home to die after the next operation.He was very ill: heart, stomach, nerves, kidneys were in a terrible state.Nobody expected that, instead of the death of Lester prefer another option - to live another 52 years old, completely cured of all ills and enjoying every moment of life.

He turned to a very simple technique, and it worked perfectly.Very soon there will be pupils and followers, but Lester refused to be called a teacher or mentor.Eventually he moved to Arizona

and opened a training center for the training of trainers and seminars.It is from the name of the town where it was located, and took the name of the method - Sedona.

After leaving Lester Levinson in the world other method development took over his follower and close friend Gayle Dwoskin."Sedona Method" - a book of his authorship, which will help to master this simple and effective technique.

all brilliant - just

"Emotions - it's not you" - this is one of the main points that you need to understand from the very beginning.Each person can control their emotions, to prevent their occurrence and to get rid of them.Just the process of liberation of emotions - the basis of the method.

Method "Sedona" makes it possible to get rid of negative emotions, stop letting them accumulate and affect your life.

With the release of emotion achieved freedom and peace of mind.You choose how to control their lives, who you are and what you have.You are free from feelings of anxiety, anger, resentment, and manipulators can not affect you.

"Sedona Method": 5 questions magic itself

In fact, all of the exercises are based on the same main and simple.We need to ask 5 questions to yourself and give the answers.Would the answer be positive or negative - does not matter.You will still be able to let go of their feelings.

first question.What am I feeling right now?

need to focus on their emotions and feelings at the moment.Do not return to the past and not think about the future, all the thoughts - only "here and now".Get familiar with your feelings completely, "Sort" and select them for the future work of the strongest.

second question.Can I take this feeling?Consider selected

feeling on all sides.Think about whether it has the right to exist.Think about whether you want to live with that feeling.Would you like to make it affect your life?

third question.Can I let go of this feeling?

If you feel that you can let go of that feeling as easily as to miss the handle from the palm or start a shoelace, saying "yes."If the answer is "no" - it does not matter.Here the main thing - honesty with yourself.

fourth question.Do I want to let go of this feeling?

Think about how you will be better - with this feeling or not.If the answer to this question is yes, just ask yourself the fifth and final question: "When?"Best answer: "Who," but there is that the decision is postponed.This is normal.

These 5 questions you need to ask yourself, as long as at first you do not answer "quiet satisfaction."Only after this exercise is completed.At first, you may need a lot of laps, but each time to let go of the emotions is becoming easier.


immersion method "Sedona" uses another technique - dive.When you want to get rid of a strong, long ago eaten in secret is feeling better than him no way.But to learn to dive only after mastering the art of liberation.

For this exercise is recommended relaxed atmosphere in which to concentrate.Relax and start the dive.Ask yourself the question:

1. "What is the depth of this feeling?"

2. "Smog (la) I consciously penetrate into the depth of this feeling?"

3. "Smog (la) I had this feeling in the dive?"

The deeper you dive, the more sharpened feeling.But when you reach the "heart", you surround the silence, tranquility and warm light.

nine emotional states: upstairs

So, what is the method of Sedona?Its essence lies in the release of negative emotions.They - like the trash that accumulates in the closet.Like all unnecessary negative emotions interfere with the flow of energy.The more human "trash" in the senses, the lower to the "emotional ladder" it is and the less enjoyment of life.

In a separate section of the book Dwoskin G. ("Sedona Method") identifies nine emotional states.Working on the release, one can go up, improving health, getting rid of the heavy ballast of negativity.

"Emotional ladder" consists of the "stages":

9. Apathy.

8. Sadness.

7. Fear.

6. Lust.

5. Anger.

4. Pride.

3. Courage.

2. Adoption.

1. Soothe.

People who reached appeasement - the most joyful and happy in the world.This is no exaggeration.

Resistance: dangerous internal enemy

People love and well able to complicate things, especially your life."Sedona" - a method that returns to the simplicity of thought.

A dangerous internal enemy of many people is the resistance.We have planted the idea that you need to swim against the tide in order to achieve good results.We are accustomed to the fact that everything in this life is given with great difficulty, and there is no other way.If something happens naturally, like clockwork - in mode is activated "resistance."

Man inherently - being free and independent.No one likes the word "should", "shall", "should".If you put such a framework, the resistance will start even when the person realizes that to do so in some way correct.

But not only around constantly trying to impose their individual views or responsibilities.If you make yourself, you can achieve motivation and loss of enjoyment of life.For example, you have worked on a project like that, but at some point tired.Instead afford to "reset", you were ordered to work on yourself.The mere phrase, "You should (must) do it" - and that the process of resistance started.

resistance is very difficult to win or deceive, but it is possible to get rid of, as well as from any emotion.Just ask, and do not specify.

Wood restrictions

In one section, the author gives a very graphic example in order to show, you should work on first.Gail compares the imaginary limit to the wood.If we take one tree and take a close look at it - you can see the "atoms", which are the thoughts of man.

leaves - a personal feeling.The branches on which they grow - nine emotional states.The need for approval and control of the surrounding turned into an imaginary tree trunk.The need for security and its opposite (a death wish) - is the main root that goes deep down into the soil (the desire for independence and the pursuit of unity).

If a person is set to eradicate the imaginary tree and see the tranquility that hide behind it, you should start with the main root.To do this in the book provided exercises based on five main issues.

correct goal setting

Method "Sedona" penetrated even in the cult movie "The Secret", which Gail Dwoskin shares with the audience the secret of proper goal setting.In this book, given to several chapters.It is important to learn how to choose the right words for the formulation of goals, and not only.You can consider it as a separate art.

two main things that we must always remember:

1. The goal should be written on paper.Then the force of desire will increase several times, pulling required in your life.

2. Visualize the goal.Imagine it in every detail, feel.And then release.

Almost all people experience at the expense of how to realize the goal.But this needs to be done.All that is required is set out in the two paragraphs above.

What gets "Sedona" (method) reviews

As though a man resisted, this method will work on it.Reviews of people who have used this technique say that life does get better.Simple exercises can change anyone who will make a little effort and will provide at least a little time.

"Sedona" - a method that is used and recommended by other successful people such as Brian Tracy and Steve Pavlina.

writer and psychologist John Gray speaks positively about the procedure on its website as an effective way to achieve emotional and mental freedom.

author of the bestseller "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Jack Canfield from this technique in delight.He notes easy exercises and tangible results in a very short time.

Probably, "Sedona Method" - is the key to peace, self-development and happy life, so that you need ...